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The USMS Open Water/Long Distance Season is almost over.
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Congratulations to all participants in our 2013 Long Distance Championship series. There is time to register for the last OW race of the season:
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Chop, Slap, Stab
Scott Bay by Coach Scott Bay, Team Blu Frog

Coaches often talk about the recovery, the catch, the rotation of the body, and a lot of other things that contribute to fast freestyle. Granted, there are a lot of things that are matters of style, but on a recent trip to the pool, a few different entry types started to emerge and none of them facilitate fast swimming for most. Read more...

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Why I Love Swimming
by Rebecca A. Eckland

Last summer I covered recreational swim championships for the sports section of a local newspaper. Although I'm a Masters swimmer now, I was never a swimmer growing up. The fanfare, the crowds, the team camaraderie: these were bright and glaring and, I admit, somewhat strange for me. Yet, the first event I watched was a 25-yard butterfly race for 6-and-under girls. Little bodies with impossibly small arms carrying them from one end to the pool to the other. Read more...

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Summer Nationals Coming Up Fast
relayThe 2013 Marriott U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship is right around the corner, and we're looking forward to seeing you in Mission Viejo, Calif. Aug. 7 through 11. If you've signed up, watch your email inbox for updates about all aspects of the meet from directions and parking to what to do after the splashing is over for the day.

Not Going? Check out all the Summer Nats action without ever leaving your home. Watch the event online August 7-11 on the USMS website's dedicated video streaming page and get the insider perspective on all that's happening on deck and in the pool.You never know--you just might catch a world record-setting swim from your easy chair!
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Swimmers Can Help Solve the Concussion Crisis

The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University is seeking volunteers to participate in a research study looking at the long-term effects of sports-related concussions and other brain trauma. For this study, the researchers need a pool of 50 male swimmers to act as a control group while they study 100 former NFL football players.


Because swimmers are not typically subject to concussions but are athletic, they can provide important benchmarking information. Study participants will be asked to undergo a variety of tests, including neurological, cognitive, behavioral, and neuroimaging examinations. The researchers need participants who meet the following profile:

  • Male swimmers with at least two years of collegiate level or higher swimming experience
  • Ages 40 to 69 
  • No history of participation in contact sports (e.g. football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer)
  • No history of brain injury
If you fit the profile and are interested in participating, please contact Nate Fritts via email or by phone at 617-414-8391. Candidates will be screened for eligibility during a 10-minute phone call. More information about the study is available online
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Know Any of These Swimmers?
Question MarkThe History and Archives Committee needs your help! We need more positive identification for many of the names in our early Top 10 listings. Please take a look at this list. If you can supply us with any additional information on a swimmer (such as birth date, maiden name, married name, city and state of residence, or swim club affiliation) please send an email to the USMS Membership Director. Thank you for your help in keeping the vibrant history of U.S. Masters Swimming alive for generations to come!  
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We Messed Up!
oops In the May issue, we included an invitation to participate in a survey about your dryland activity. We said you'd be automatically entered in a drawing to win some swim gear and swag from the National Office.
Well, we forgot to ask you for your contact info for the drawing. Our sincere apologies! We're going with the story that someone snuck into our coffee stash and substituted decaf for high test that day. But we'd like to make it right:
  • If you answered the survey before and would like to be entered in the drawing, please follow this link to give us your contact info. You do not need to retake the survey!
  • If you did not take the survey before and would like to do so now, please follow this linkThe survey has been updated and includes an optional question at the end for your contact info.
Again, our apologies, and we appreciate your time. The survey will help the Sports Medicine and Science Committee with recommendations for dryland routines and other relevant content for our publications.
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Really Cool Website of the Month
SWAM (Swimming with Alaska Masters)
Think it's too cold in Alaska to swim? Not for these Masters swimmers! Swimming With Alaska Masters is an Anchorage-based Masters team in existence since 1984, when founder Jay Caldwell started the group as an offshoot of triathlons in Goose Lake. That's right, open water swimming... in Alaska. That's pretty cool, and so is the SWAM website!

To be considered for RCWOM, be sure your club's website includes the current USMS logo and Join/Renew membership button. Submit your club name and web address to
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We've Got Spirit!
Swim Fort Lauderdale

Swim Fort Lauderdale teammates (left to right) Michelle Martin (backstroke), Adrienne Chin-Ogilvie (breaststroke), Marci Grady (butterfly), and Andia Chaves Fonngrea (freestyle) show off their Pan-Ams medley relay spirit! Nice job, ladies!


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