Streamlines for Volunteers 2012

This issue of STREAMLINES for Volunteers contains critical updates regarding USMS liability insurance, for both pool and open water. In addition, important reminders regarding elections and your 2012 financial reports and meeting minutes. Please read and save!

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New Open Water Sanction Guidelines
Open Water SwimmerIncreased insurance premiums for 2013 are primarily related to and will impact open water events. The insurance premium includes a charge of $1,800 per sanctioned open water event. In addition, the new insurance policy contains certain conditions on the conduct of open water events. Please review the recently adopted Open Water Sanction Guidelines and the new article on explaining these changes to the membership,  "Open Water and USMS Sanctions."  
Changes to Workout Insurance Requirements
Coach talking A new workout insurance requirement has been put into effect by our insurance carrier.  Effective immediately, for a workout to be covered by USMS insurance, the person supervising the workout must be a USMS member. In the past, a USA Swimming certified coach was allowed to supervise the workouts, even if the USA Swimming certified coach was not a USMS member. This is no longer true; now if the person supervising the workout is a USA Swimming certified coach, he or she must also be a USMS member.   
USMS Officer Nomination information
USMS Officer Nomination information is available on the USMS website

U.S. Masters Swimming will hold elections for all officers (president, vice president of administration, vice president of community services, vice president of local operations, vice president of programs, secretary and treasurer) at its Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates, Sept. 10-14, 2013 during the United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Anaheim, Calif. The nomination deadline is April 30, 2013, so there is plenty of time to submit your nomination. Nomination packets may be obtained from the Election page of the USMS website or by contacting Elections Chair Cheryl Gettelfinger.

We're looking for energetic volunteers with a desire to help lead U.S. Masters Swimming. If you're interested in leadership and service at our highest level, or you know someone who would be willing to serve, please let us know.

To place your name in nomination for an officer position, download the nomination packet and election guidelines or request them by email from Cheryl Gettelfinger. Please read the entire packet, including the election operating guidelines, and return the Candidate Questionnaire/Consent-to-Run form to the elections chair by April 30, 2013.

To be eligible for nomination, candidates shall: 1) be members in good standing of U.S. Masters Swimming for the year when the election is held; 2) have attended more than one USMS annual meeting of the National House of Delegates in the preceding five years; 3) plan to attend the annual meeting of the National House of Delegates for the election year in which they are standing for election, and plan to attend all House of Delegates meetings during their tenure; and 4) candidates for director shall be a resident and a member of the Zone from which they are seeking election (applicable in even years only).

If after reading the materials, you have questions about the role of any USMS officer position or the nomination/election process, please contact Cheryl Gettelfinger.
The Capt. Ransom Arthur M.D. Award
Ransom J Athur This award is given in honor of Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., who, by his sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to improving the health of adults through swimming, established the Masters Swimming program in the United States. The award is given annually to the person who has done the most to further the objectives of Masters swimming.

If you have someone you would like to nominate, please download information and nomination form and submit to Recognition and Awards Chair Sally Dillon by March 15.  
LMSC Financial Statements and Tax Filings
Money Per USMS Rule 502.7, each LMSC is required to send a copy of its annual financial report to the USMS national office. The report consists of two simple financial statements: an income/ expense report, and a balance sheet. Instructions for preparing the reports can be found in the Treasurer section of the
The IRS also requires each LMSC to file an annual 990 tax return. The rules were modified during the 2010 tax year. They now allow any LMSC with gross receipts of $50,000 or less to file the 990-N form, which is done completely online.  

Please send your 2012 financial report to Anna Lea Matysek by April 30, 2013. She can also provide you with instructions and links for filing your LMSC's 990 tax form.
LMSC Annual Meeting Minutes

Taking notes Per USMS Rule 502.3, each LMSC is required to hold an annual meeting that is open to all individual members of the LMSC. Your LMSC is required to take minutes at that meeting and, per Rule 502.7, send a copy of your 2012 minutes to Anna Lea Matysek by April 30, 2013.

Open Water Compliance Coordinator Hired
Bill Roach USMS is pleased to introduce Bill Roach as our Open Water Compliance Coordinator. Bill is an active member and positive contributor to the USMS Open Water Committee. Bill has also been a certified Safety Director and Safety Director Trainer for almost 20 years with the US Water Ski Association. He has been the Chief Safety Director for more than 60 water ski tournaments, including the World Police and Fire Games and the Disabled Water Ski Nationals. He has also been the Safety Director for four USMS Open Water National Championships.  
Friday 180 Videos
Want to know what's happening at the National Office? Executive Director Rob Butcher and staff are putting together a series of videos called "Friday 180". This is a video blog of updates that are password protected. Check them out today:

Password: USMSNO

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