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Check-Off Challenge
2013 Check Off Challenge
  • It's that time of year again, "check" it out. Make a commitment to swim all 18 pool events in a single year, and check them off on the T-shirt. This years T-shirt theme is from Alaska Masters
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    Do you have a story to tell? We are always interested in hearing from our members about their swimming experiences. We may feature your story on the Web, in STREAMLINES, or in SWIMMER magazine. Write to us at


    February is for fitness. Whether you're a competitor in training, swimming laps for exercise, or just trying to lose a few pounds after the holidays, we're with you.


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    2013 USMS Spring Nationals

    2013 Spring Nationals Registration for the 2013 USMS Spring National Championship is now open. Spring Nationals will be held in Indianapolis, Ind. May 9-12. All entries must be received by April 4 at 11:59 p.m. Note that the entry surcharge increases by $10 for any entries postmarked later than March 7 or received later than March 14.  


    Please be advised that "The Month of May" festivities surrounding the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 will be in full swing during Spring Nationals. Please book your hotel by February 15, 2013 to ensure the best rate and availability. Good luck and train hard!  

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    Who Needs a Six-Pack?

    Maintaining diaphragmatic breathing in the water

    Irina Slesar, Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics


    What is diaphragmatic breathing?

    Diaphragmatic breathing is deep breathing that engages the lungs and abdomen together and causes the belly to rise and fall with breaths. The proper position for diaphragmatic breathing requires that the ribcage be pulled downward and the pelvis tilted slightly forward which allows a swimmer to maintain maximum mechanical and physiological efficiency. Read more...  

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    2013 Pan American Masters Championships

    Pan Am Logo This will be the first time the US has hosted the biennial event. To be held in Sarasota, Fla., Pan Ams will include synchronized swimming, Masters swimming, and open water swimming. To be held June 1-13, 2013, the event is expected to attract up to 2,000 swimmers from around the Western Hemisphere. Event registration is live online at Plan to attend this unique event.  

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    Making Time

    Balancing swimming with a full house

    Laura S. Jones, Staff Writer


    Six years ago, a happy but exhausted Inge Clark had a toddler and three infants on her hands. "Four kids does a number on your body," explains Clark, making what might be the understatement of the year. "One day I woke up and said that's it, I'm not going to live like this," says Clark, 42 and a member of Illinois Masters. "So I did what came naturally," Clark said of her choice to return to swimming, a sport she left at age 16. "It's the one thing I know, that I enjoy. I also knew that swimming would strengthen everything." Read more...  

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    The Perfect Training Partner 

    Special Advertorial

    The Sport Audio Experts at X-1


    Every Masters swimmer knows that there's no substitute for a good coach and a pool full of teammates to motivate you to get the most out of your workout. It's why you set your alarm clock, skip your lunch break, or leave work early, just to get in the water. But there are times when you can't make it to practice and you have to go it alone. However, there's help in the form of musical motivation. Read more...  

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    USMS is Hiring

    USMS Logo 100X100 Current Opportunities:

    Associate Editor

    USMS is seeking a content writer and editor for its publications, which include SWIMMER magazine, the STREAMLINES e-newsletter series, and articles on its website, This is a part time position. Details here...  


    Open Water Compliance Coordinator

    The compliance coordinator will review all open water sanction requests that are submitted via the USMS online sanction system, ensuring compliance with USMS rules and administrative regulations. This is a contract position. Details here... 

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    USMS 5K Open Water National Championship


    Long Distance Logo

    This year the USMS 5K Open Water National Championship will be held in Miromar Lakes, Fla.  The Gulf Coast Swim Team and Lee County Parks & Recreation will host the event April 27, 2013. The course is three laps around a 1.666K L-shaped course with a water start and land finish. Plan your open water season today and check out all of the 2013 Long Distance Championships online

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    The Capt. Ransom Arthur M.D. Award

    Ransom J Athur This award is given in honor of Capt. Ransom J. Arthur, M.D., who, by his sacrifice, perseverance, and dedication to improving the health of adults through swimming, established the Masters Swimming program in the United States. The award is given annually to the person who has done the most to further the objectives of Masters swimming.

    If you have someone you would like to nominate, please download information and nomination form and submit to Sally Dillon by March 15.
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    Really Cool Website of the Month 


    Arizona Masters LMSC knows all about SWIM, SUN and FUN. They also know how to keep their membership informed and organized. That's why they are our Really Cool Website of the Month. 

    To be considered for RCWOM, be sure your club's website includes the current USMS logo and Join/Renew membership button. Submit your club name and web address to  

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    Seen on the USMS Facebook Page

    Facebook 100Recently USMS posted this viral graphic through Facebook:  "Social Media Explained with Swimming." See what everyone thought.

                  Social Media Explained
    Become a Fan! We are 23,000+ fans strong at the official USMS Facebook Fan Page. Join the party and suggest our page to all of your friends.
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    We've Got Spirit!
    MEMO Masters

    Marcia's Enthusiastic Masters of Oakland really know how to have a great time at practice. Great video put together by coach Marcia Benjamin and her team, lip syncing to "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.
    MEMO One Direction
    MEMO One Direction

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