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Announcing YouScreenWriter.com 4.0, the first one-stop-shop mobile studio toolkit.
Calling all CMO's, Creatives, Vloggers, Videoraphers, Media Students,

Here is a new cool online mobile studio toolkit and online learning center we have just released!

Yes, YouScreenWriter.com is helping the next generation of Brand Storytellers to write, produce, edit, and distribute publishable content, faster and cheaper, via a set of online tools, processes, and a social network business model--all for only $15/year!
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The value of YouScreenWriter.com's approach to content creation, demystifies the Hollywood mystique and levels the playing field, by providing an online "D-I-Y" toolkit to: 

  • Provide a distributed, social network of story producers, who will be able to deliver content faster, cheaper, and with comparable quality to top digital star producers' channels on YouTube. 
  • Simplify the creative process through Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey" story structure model, which is the foundation for 80% of the Hollywood movies, books and games made today.
  • Plan a video project idea (e.g. blog/vlog, reality show, webisode, stand-up comedy, how to, etc.).
  • Develop a winning pitch / logline.
  • Write a story using "The Hero's Journey" Hollywood story structure method.
  • Create original characters.
  • Produce text-to-video animation with Xtranormal.
  • Publish content through YouTube.
  • Find 1,000's of Fans on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter...
  • Monetize content through Google AdSense
  • Crowd fund your project  
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Our advertisement video, which was created
by digital arts students using the YouScreenWriter D-I-Y mobile studio toolkit.


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