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Kindness gives you wings!
Feelin' lucky?
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Together, we can make a difference!
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Ruth Hagen
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See Rusty's wings?  I do!
Kindness gives you wings!

Kindness feels good.
It doesn't keep score, bargain or trade. It's purely unconditional & freely given, asking nothing in return.  True kindness is felt by the giver and the receiver.  It is not for the giver alone to define.

"Wings & green things"
I had a life-changing experience that wouldn't have been possible without the kindness of my friends.  You may never know how your thoughtful gestures impact others.  (Sometimes you give them wings to soar!)  The beauty in it is that you will feel the reward in your heart, whether you're helping peeps or pets.  Believe me: the smallest gestures (a simple hello or wave) count.  

 "Pear-fectly kind" - To be kind to others, you must first be kind to yourself.  It's not selfish, it's healthy..... and extremely yummy!    


Feelin' lucky?


If you want your pet to feel as though she's got the luck of the Irish, it'll take more than a 4-leaf clover!

Simply keep her favorite treats or a portion of her daily kibble in your pocket 24/7.  Yes, you will smell like kibble, & her nose will be attached to your pocket - initially.  Gradually, she'll habituate to your new "perfume", and lose interest.

As you go about your day, really notice when Pup or Fluffy behaves (not jumping, coming when called, etc.).  Immediately reward her with a "Good!" or "Yes!", then treat.  Suddenly, you're her favorite slot machine because she can get you to pay off by just repeating a desired behavior.  As she improves, always praise, but treat more randomly.  In higher distractions (outside, guests), treat more often.

This approach makes real life training easy to do thru the day.  It helps humans realize that, in truth, pets actually behave more than not.  You'll have many chances to reward & your timing will be amazing.  Undesired behaviors will diminish because they don't pay off & you'll take steps to prevent them.  Best of all, Pup/Kitty will be thrilled to learn this way.  You'll be a kinder, fairer, more understandable teacher.  And your relationship will thrive!

PS - A pocket of kibble goes thru the laundry just fine!       

Recall News   


Decidedly unkind finds:  

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Soul food  
(A yummy-new regular feature on The Soulful Pet!)

Both featured posts include healthy recipes you can share with Fido! 

Rusty's Place    

Mail time is a big deal.  I get that.  But poodle school's in 'cuz y'all are makin' fido fools of yourselves.

"No postcode envy"

You'll thank me later, mutts.  ~Rusty~
Together, we can make a difference!                                       
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~Ruth & Rusty~
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Just for Fun
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