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Little Boos
Winter Prep
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Ruth Hagen
Pet Behaviorist & Trainer
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My little boo, Rusty
Little Boos

Keepin' it spooky cute here....

We're telling ghost stories & testing a new-to-us product.
It's all in good, eerie fun... 

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Winter Prep


Are you & your pets ready for rain/snow?  Are you sure?

Winter weather commonly causes house training setbacks.  If your dog is sensitive to cold/rainy weather, or if it's his first winter, he'll need a refresher course.  Pick a sheltered place for him to potty now, & encourage him to start using it in dry weather.  He'll need some coaching, so stay with him as needed to cheer him on.  Similarly, Kitty needs a safe, warm & dry place to potty and sleep.  Set that up now, if you haven't already.

For more house training tips, read my post,  "Puppies, Kittens & Cats - Oh, My!"

Recall News   


Eerie food:  

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Soul Food
(A yummy-new regular feature on The Soulful Pet!)


Pumpkin for everyone!

Canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) makes great treats for us & our pets.

Rusty's Place    

I've worn some canine costumes in my day.  Here are my faves:

"Spooky cute"

Personally, I'd rather be naked.  -Rusty-
Together, we can make a difference!                                       
We're writing for a cause.
Care to join us?

~Ruth & Rusty~
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The Soulful Pet's page is the place to be for the latest & best pet news.  I highlight recalls, science, products, pup culture, and more.  Don't believe me?

Here's a fresh sampling:

We're learning & laughing on our little page.  It's all in good furry- fun!

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Just for Fun
This husky's pure joy over a simple pile of leaves is completely contagious.