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This Week's
Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Gold Spotted Sand Bass
with caramelized carrots, fingerling potatoes,
and a Chardonnay garlic beurre blanc

thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

An All-New Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Yesterday we brought in a fish we've never tried before. And boy is it delicious!

Gold Spotted Sand Bass are found along the Baja Peninsula of southern California and northern Mexico, typically line caught by day boat fisherman from small fishing villages along the Sea of Cortez. The fish are light, moist, and flakey...with a mild flavor and texture similar to snapper or grouper.

Of course, as with most fish it's all about the preparation. And Chef Tom's light Chardonnay beurre blanc sauce is an exquisite pairing.

Speaking of Chef Tom, he's been here at the Rookery just two weeks now. In that short time we've also added another new cook, Tony. Plus one of our international students from last year has returned, Burcin from Turkey. And two days ago at midnight I was at the Minneapolis airport picking up a second international student from China, who has settled upon Melody as her self-chosen "American name."

So our summer 2016 kitchen staff is finally complete. And just in the nick of time! It's an all new team this year. So we ask for your continued patience as everyone learns their respective roles and we gradually work a few long-time Rookery favorites back into our menu.

Just yesterday we brought in our first of the season order of smoked trout. Bison and pheasant are on the way. And yes to everyone who has asked, bluegills also will be coming back!

Our full summer menu should be mostly finalized by next weekend. In the meantime we continue to add something new nearly every day. This past week, for example, it was a tasty British Isles artisan cheese plate. Chef Tom's firecracker scallops also have drawn rave reviews. And one guest proclaimed his classic Caesar salad the best he's ever eaten.

Oh, and did we mention this week's delectable Fresh Fish UN-Fry? Call now to reserve yours for anytime this weekend. We hope to see you soon!

Week #2 of Live Outdoor Music

Last weekend was a great kickoff to the Rookery's outdoor live music season. Beautiful weather and a popular local band brought out at least 60 people to enjoy wonderful tunes, great food, and refreshing adult beverages. In actuality it may have been more, but I kind of lost count when pressed into service to help mix up the aforementioned adult beverages.

Expect this Sunday to be even busier with more great weather in store, and another great band that always draws some of the biggest crowds of our summer season. Molly and the Danger Band is so well known in our area they probably need little in the way of introduction. But for the unfortunate few who haven't had the pleasure of seeing them perform we're talking classic Americana...a fun musical cocktail comprised of a jigger of this and a dash of that, with ingredients that include rock, country, jazz, bluegrass, Celtic, and an assortment of other American roots music. From classic covers to traditional music to original tunes.

It's shaping up to be a lively Sunday afternoon at the Rookery. So if I were you I'd plan to get here early. As usual our patio grill fires up at 1:30 and the music begins at 2. And while we now have outdoor seating for nearly 100 people, it's all first come first served. So you may want to bring along your own chair if you expect to arrive after the music has started.

Molly and the Danger Band
Sunday, 2-5 PM

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