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Open Mother's Day at 1 PM

In addition to opening earlier than normal this Sunday, we're also featuring fresh ahi tuna this weekend for all the mothers out there.

Well, I suppose we can even let you non-mothers enjoy this special as well. After all, it's been awhile since the Rookery last brought in fresh fish. Along with the beautiful sounds of loons and peepers consider it another true sign of Spring.

Grilled ahi tuna over a pickled vegetable salad served with a wasabi vinaigrette. You're not gonna find that at your average Mother's Day buffet!

May & June Hours

The Rookery is back to being open 5 evenings a week, Thursday thru Monday. We anticipate adding additional hours once summer arrives in force. That will depend, in part, on being able to fully staff the joint (see below). Stay tuned!

Thanks for Your Suggestions & Support

I appreciate everyone who responded to my last newsletter appeal for help in finding a new head chef. I received a number of valuable suggestions. And also some very gratifying moral support recognizing the challenges involved in operating a premier establishment in our seasonal Northwoods locale.

In terms of the search we have a lot more feelers out there now than we did a few weeks ago. But still no qualified new applicants. So once again, if you know someone who might know someone, please make the call. We're also still looking for full or part-time summer servers, in addition to a dishwasher.

As for now I'd like to add that one of our guests last weekend told me their meals were the best they've ever experienced at the Rookery. So once again I want to recognize and thank Sous Chef Mike and Assistant Chef Tim for their stellar performance these past several months!
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DINNER 5 nights (Thursday thru Monday)
4:30 PM until last reservation (always recommended)Rookery Pub Fine Dining
Bar opens at 4 PM

Wineaux WEEKDAYS (every Monday & Thursday) 
1/2 price bottles of wine
Cable Nature Lodge

Currently closed Tue/Wed

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