Rookery Pub Fine Dining

This Week's

Fresh Fish UN-Fry
Ahi Tuna
pan seared with a ginger jasmine rice cake, wakame, and a shiitake mushroom, asparagus & tomato salad finished with a spicy chili aļoli
Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

Another Amazing Autumn Weekend!

First our live outdoor music ended for the season. And now after this weekend our Fresh Fish UN-Fry will be put on hold for awhile. How sad!

On the other hand we've experienced an absolutely glorious autumn thus far here in the Northwoods, with warm days and bright blue skies. And the colors are some two weeks later than normal...possibly peaking finally just this weekend. When the temperature on Saturday is supposed to hit 66 degrees. And 76 on Sunday!

So for one more chance to experience an amazing autumn and some awesome ahi you really should be in Cable this weekend. You know what's coming next! 
Autumn Dining Hours RookeryRealty
thru October 15 (then closed Tue/Wed)

DINNER 7 nights
5 PM until last reservation (always recommended) Rookery Pub Fine Dining
Bar opens at 4 PM 

Wineaux WEEKDAYS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 
1/2 price bottles of wine
Cable Nature Lodge


(715) 794-2062

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