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This Week's

Fresh Fish UN-Fry
Alaskan Halibut
panko crusted with a coconut Kaffir lime sauce,
fingerling potatoes, carrots, and green beans


beginning FRIDAY this week thru the weekend or until it runs out
(call ahead to reserve)

This Week's Live Outdoor Music

Davey J
Davey J
Thursday, 5-8 PM

Skipping Stones
Skipping Stones
Sunday, 2-5 PM


The turnout for last week's debut of TGIThursdays at the Rookery, with live outdoor music and patio dining from 5-8 PM, far exceeded our expectations. Which was very gratifying, of course. And most of our guests reported they had a wonderful time. Yet we also discovered we have a few kinks to work out in terms of providing the excellent service we aspire to.


The simple fact is the size of our kitchen and the manner in which we prepare each entrée from scratch (versus chain restaurant assembly line) limits the number of meals we can serve within a given time period. And that reality didn't change, even as we essentially doubled the number of tables at the Rookery with the addition of full service patio dining on Thursday evenings.


In a way it's a good problem to have. And if our new Thursday outdoor music and dining venue really takes off we're contemplating some longer term changes, possibly including a separate outdoor menu similar to our Sunday patio grill offering. But at the moment it's all still an experiment. And one busy pre-holiday Thursday is not conclusive. Nonetheless, beginning tonight we're gonna tweak things a bit in an effort to ensure things run a bit more smoothly.


While we previously did not accept reservations for outdoor dining, we now will do so on Thursday evenings from 4:30 until 5:45 PM. The simple math is that we have 12 outdoor tables available and will take orders from two tables every 15 minutes in an effort to space things out a bit better for our kitchen. If you have a reservation for outdoor dining you're welcome to be seated anytime prior to that reservation to enjoy the music while you wait your turn to order. If you don't have a dining reservation you're still welcome to enjoy the music with a beverage and we'll offer you food (and a table) when and if we can.


Bottom line? We now strongly encourage you to make reservations for outdoor dining on TGIThursdays. 


And tonight we're pleased to be welcoming a real crowd pleaser back to the Rookery's outdoor stage. Davey J is a 20-year veteran on the creative music scene in Wisconsin and Minnesota. His live shows feature down-home singing and songwriting and a very distinctive sound of acoustic-electric guitar that everyone in the house can feel. His musical repertoire ranges from blues to rock and roll, reggae, and roots music. How many musicians do you know who start their performance with songs from the likes of Roy Orbison and by the end segue all the way to Led Zeppelin?

And then on Sunday afternoon we'll be featuring a first time act at the Rookery, from the Mississippi River country of western Wisconsin.
Skipping Stones is John Capper and Karen Nimmo, seasoned musical artists who play a unique variety of both cover and original songs. John plays guitar and sings while Karen sings, plays guitar, keyboard, and some flute and small percussion instruments. Skipping Stones is rooted in classic rock, but also performs some blues, country, and contemporary songs, producing a surprisingly full sound with rich harmonies and quality instrumentation.


Davey J on Thursday. Skipping Stones on Sunday. Live. Outdoors. Only at the Rookery!


Remember, reservations are now strongly encouraged for outdoor dining on Thursday evenings, with our full menu available beginning at 4:30 PM. Meanwhile all seating on Sunday afternoons will continue to be first come first served and feature our special patio grill menu from 1:30 to 4:30 PM.


You can check out the Rookery's full summer music lineup by clicking on the image below which links to our online calendar. Or click HERE for a PDF version you can print out for yourself. And click HERE to preview this summer's patio grill menu, including several new creations from Chef Jenny. 



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