Rookery Pub Fine Dining

This Week's Fresh Fish UN-Fry   

Grilled Lake Superior Whitefish
with grilled vegetables in a chermoula*

Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve) 


Pushing Chain

Pushing Chain 

Northern Minnesota


This weekend we're excited to welcome yet another first time band to our outdoor stage. Pushing Chain is a musical duo comprised of Boyd Blomberg from Grand Marais and Adam Moe of Duluth. They formalized their current partnership in 2012 after performing together in various manifestations since 1997.


Pushing Chain plays roots and Americana music featuring Boyd on guitar and vocals and Adam on the fiddle and vocals. Their set list includes original songs, covers of classic artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone, and some fresh new takes on old folk songs. The duo features tight harmonies and a gonzo approach which keeps performances fresh and exciting. You can check out a few videos of them in performance by clicking HERE.  


Pushing Chain. This Sunday. Live. Outdoors. Only at the Rookery!


As usual our patio grill fires up at 1:30 and the music begins at 2. All seating is first come first served, so be sure to arrive early to claim yours.



*What's a Chermoula?


Now and again Chef Jenny stumps me with a fancy new cuisine term. Presuming I'm not the only one unfamiliar with chermoula, here's the Wikipedia definition:


Chermoula (Arabic: شرمولة:) or chrmla is a marinade used in Algerian, Moroccan, and Tunisian cooking. It is usually used to flavor fish or seafood, but it can be used on other meats or vegetables. Chermoula is often made of a mixture of herbs, oil, lemon juice, pickled lemons, garlic, cumin, and salt. It may also include onion, fresh coriander, ground chili peppers, black pepper, or saffron. There are many different recipes that use different spices, and the proportions vary widely. In most recipes, the first two ingredients are garlic and coriander. A Moroccan version comprises dried parsley, cumin, paprika and salt and pepper. It is the original seasoning for grilling meat and fish in Moroccan cuisine.

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