Rookery Pub Fine Dining

This Week's Fresh Fish UN-Fry   

Copper River Sockeye Salmon
(last of the season) with a rhubarb cherry coulis

Alaskan Halibut 
pan seared with grilled heirloom tomatoes and a lemon thyme butter sauce

It's a Fresh Fish Doubleheader, to help make up for skipping last week! 
Thursday thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)


Duck for the Oyster this Sunday!


The Rookery is very pleased to be welcoming a first time band to our outdoor stage this weekend. But just to clarify. While this band may be new to us, they've actually been entertaining music and traditional dance fans throughout northwest Wisconsin going on 25 years now! 


Duck for the Oyster specializes in traditional music and dance, from 18th and 19th century America as well as a variety of dances from around the world. Since 1989 the band has been hosting and playing a regular dance series featuring squares, contras, reels, quadrilles, international, circle and round dances. Their dances are sprinkled with waltzes, polkas, schottisches, swing dances and music for clogging. In the time they have been together Duck for the Oyster has become one of the Midwest's best traditional dance bands. Their eclectic repertoire, compelling rhythms, and sheer sense of fun make them a favorite among dancers of all levels.

Now bear in mind the Rookery's outdoor "dance floor" currently consists of a few tufts of grass interspersed with uneven patches of bare dirt and weeds. Someday we hope to improve upon that. In the meantime, this inaugural performance by the Ducks will emphasize music over dancing.


Yet should you find yourself unable to resist the urge to jump around a bit please exercise due caution. Last summer a happy couple caught a heel and took a tumble while dancing the polka. They leapt to their feet smiling and hardly missing a beat. And fortunately no lawsuits ensued. We aim to keep it that way!


Duck for the Oyster. Live at the Rookery this Sunday. As usual our patio grill fires up at 1:30 and the music begins at 2. All seating is first come, first served. So if you expect to arrive a bit late you might want to bring along a couple of chairs.



Aquascape Your Outdoor Water Feature


It's your last chance to register for this special workshop at the Rookery this coming Saturday! Join Sarah Boles of Northern Native Plantscapes as she utilizes the Rookery's new pond as a demonstration site for showcasing suitable aquatic and upland plants along with proper planting techniques to help an outdoor water feature look as natural as possible.

The workshop runs from 1-4 PM, rain or shine.
Cost is $20 which includes a packet of take home resource materials. Participants may join Sarah for dinner and continuing conversation afterwards if they choose. Please call the Rookery to register in advance (794-2062). 


Aquascape Your Outdoor Water Feature is just one of several workshops you can choose to participate in as part of the day-long Cable Garden Fest on Saturday, June 21. Check out the full schedule of activities by clicking HERE.  


Summer Dining Hours Now in Effect

Please See Details Below
Summer Dining HoursRookery Pub Fine Dining

DINNER 7 nights
5 PM until last reservation (recommended)Cable Nature Lodge
Bar opens 4 PM

Wineaux WEEKDAYS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 
1/2 price bottles of wine

Live Outdoor Music - every Sunday, 1:30-5 PM 

(715) 794-2062

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