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Birkie Weekend at the Rookery

The Place for Perspicacious Pasta People 


per*spi*ca*cious | pərspiˈkāSHəs|


having a ready insight into and understanding of things: it offers quite a few facts to the perspicacious reporter.


OK, so I admit it. I had to look it up myself.


Point being that if your palate is a bit too discriminating to endure another run-of-the-mill pasta feed on the eve of the big race you do have options. Several, in fact. At least here at the Rookery.


Once again this year Chef Jenny will be serving up a traditional style pasta with a gourmet flair, featuring housemade meatballs with a tomato basil sauce.


If you're a person with a pescatarian preference for your pasta and protein you'll be happy to know we've also brought in fresh mahi mahi this weekend. This week's Fresh Fish UN-Fry will be served barbecue rubbed and grilled with a yellow pepper cilantro pesto over soba noodles.


And that's not to mention the other outstanding pasta dishes on our regular menu. Including parmesan crusted chicken breast on angel hair pasta with a mushroom cream sauce. Plus our nutritious gluten-free quinoa pasta with chorizo sausage, roasted red pepper, asparagus and shallots (or vegetarian style if you prefer).


Mama Mia, that's certainly plenty of pasta possibilities to pick from!


But be sure to make reservations. It's Birkie weekend after all.

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