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Bring Home (Or Share) a Slice of the Northwoods this Holiday Season



With the first lingering snowfall of the season having already arrived here in Cable we know it won't be long before most of the Rookery's snowbird friends will have migrated south to their winter roosts. We trust you're gonna miss us! Especially since you won't get to sample Chef Jenny's all-new mouthwatering winter dishes while you're away (see below).


We ARE, however, able to offer something else to help you remember us while suffering through another long winter on the golf course and the beach. Palm trees and cactus may be nice to see again initially. But don't they get just a little boring after awhile? And surely they do little to stimulate your sense of smell? Certainly not like the scent of fresh Wisconsin balsam!


So this year why not welcome a bit of of the great Northwoods into your winter getaway? We'll make it real easy for you!


You see the wreath pictured above? It was made by our own server, Jen, who makes literally thousands of wreaths just like it each year for one of the major wholesale wreath suppliers in our area. And now you can have one of Jen's handmade wreaths shipped directly to your door. Sans that dusting of real snow that appears in the photo.


Here's all you have to do. Call the Rookery (715-794-2062) to order anytime between now and Thursday, November 21. We just need your name, shipping address, and credit card information. And while you're at it, why not ship one to a friend who isn't so fortunate to spend summers in northwest Wisconsin!


The price? Only $35 including UPS shipping anywhere within the continental U.S. Or just $25 if you're stuck here like us in early December and able to pick up your wreath at the Rookery in person. Your wreath will ship on or about December 6 or can be picked up during regular dinner hours beginning the first week of December.


Fresh wreaths from the Rookery. Perhaps not as tasty as our weekly Fresh Fish UN-Fry. But just as pretty to look at.



New Winter Menu Items


And speaking of fresh, it's that time of year again when the Rookery temporarily suspends our Fresh Fish UN-Fry pending the arrival of winter. Or more accurately pending the arrival of enough snow to draw winter sports enthusiasts back to our area. Fingers crossed the snow arrives in time for Christmas this year for a change.


Meanwhile, this weekend we're rolling out several new items that Chef Jenny has been working on for our winter menu.


For starters there's a new crispy shrimp appetizer, with a panko garlic lemon crust and sweet spicy aïoli. Plus a new take on our always popular seared scallops, now with a sweet pepper sauce and grilled asparagus.


New entrées include pan seared pheasant with an apple mustard sauce over pear and red wine risotto. Also a chorizo and roasted red pepper pasta Alfredo with asparagus and scallions.


We're also bringing back some past favorites with slight new twists. Those of you who've been clamoring for the return of our original Mediterranean style walleye will be happy to know you've prevailed. Although we think it's even better than before, perched on a bed of tricolored orzo this time around rather than couscous.


Our popular quail remains on the menu, but it will now be served Marsala style, with wild rice, mushrooms, and tomatoes. And our delicious bison tenderloin is now accompanied by a grilled shiitake mushroom, roasted potatoes, and sautéed green beans with a beef glaze.


Cheese fondue or bison chili anyone? Not surprisingly we had requests for both pretty much every week all summer long. They're THAT good! Of course, we do need to make room on our summer menu for less "wintery" fare. Which is why these delectable dishes disappeared for awhile. But they're back now!


Naturally too a few summertime favorites needed to be discontinued at this time to make room on our winter menu. But never fear. Summer WILL return. Eventually. Let's just hope it shows up a lot earlier than it did THIS year!

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