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DragSmith Farms
Maurice & Gail Smith in their greenhouse at DragSmith Farms



It's a Lot Like Farming


It's been another strange winter here in the Northwoods. True, we received lots of snow for a change. But it came late. And though February into early March was great for snow lovers and the Cable area businesses that depend on them, five weeks makes for a very short winter business season. Especially when you consider that many local businesses count on the Christmas to New Years holiday week for up to 25 percent of their entire winter season revenue. Not THIS year.


And now winter just won't go away! Although winter vacationers mostly have. It doesn't matter how much snow we still have on the ground. By mid-March the thoughts of most people turn towards Spring. Or a warmer weather vacation.


Meanwhile, our delayed Spring now has the Cable area facing another prospective dilemma. We have the honor this year of hosting the Governor's fishing opener, an annual Wisconsin tradition that helps bring invaluable free marketing exposure to the community where it's held. More than 150 outdoor writers and assorted dignitaries are expected to attend this year's fishing opener. And the Cable Area Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to plan a memorable program that will break new ground for what has sometimes been a rather uninspired event.


But all the planning in the world can't address one simple fact. In the absence of an insulating snow layer early this winter our area lakes have frozen deeper than normal. So now, with the Governor's fishing opener barely more than a month away, the physics play out like this. An average of one inch of ice needs to melt each day between now and May 4th. Or else the fishing boats won't float!


And so we wait. And hope. Eyes to the sky. Finger in the wind. Weather Channel on the tube. And that, loyal readers, is why the tourism business is a lot like farming.


Which seems an apropos segue into how you can share in the bounty of the Rookery's own special farm partner this summer...



Jump Start Your Summer


Farm Share So it's been a long winter. We can whine. Or we can pull out the seed catalogues and dream of warmer days ahead. They're sure to get here...eventually.


But what if you'd rather do a whole lot more this summer than pull weeds? Perhaps hike more, bike more, boat more, fish more? Or even better yet. Attend more of the Rookery's 16 planned Sunday afternoon live outdoor music performances!


There IS a way you can play more, weed less, and still enjoy fresh organic produce all summer long. Once again the Rookery will partner with DragSmith Farms to offer our guests a weekly box packed full of tasty and nutritious vegetables. It's the same farm where we pick up much of the produce served in the restaurant. Ask anyone who participated in this special farm share program last year and you're sure to hear glowing reviews.


Each time you open your box of freshly picked produce the wonders of sight and smell will greet your senses. The royal colors of an heirloom tomato or the robust earthy smell of carrots greet  you like a warm summer breeze. Family owned for 115 years, DragSmith's entire 104 acres is certified organic. They choose varieties of vegetables that taste good and pair them with growing methods that encourage flavor. Nothing inspires creativity in the kitchen like receiving a box overflowing with freshly picked vegetables. Each week you'll typically receive 6-8 different types, along with menu ideas that are especially helpful for preparing and serving the occasional unique vegetable you may never have tried before.


And not only that. The program also happens to be a terrific bargain. A half bushel of fresh garden produce each week for 22 weeks (June 10-Nov 4) for only $390, delivered to the Rookery for pickup anytime after 4 PM on Thursdays. That's less than $18 per week. Do you have any idea what it would cost to purchase that much organic produce at your local food cooperative or grocery store?


But what if you're mostly here in Cable only during our peak summer season? Once again this year DragSmith has agreed to offer our loyal Rookery guests a special "vacation package" farm share: 9 weeks (July 1-Aug 26) for just $225.


To sign up for either program simply stop by the Rookery or mail your check to DragSmith Farms, 1346 16 1/2 Avenue, Barron, WI 54812. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone, and email. You'll also want to be sure to specify the Rookery as your pickup site. We guarantee you're gonna love it!



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