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This Week's Fresh Fish "UN-Fry"

Australian Barramundi

with quinoa in a pepper sauce


Thursday thru the weekend (or until it runs out). Call ahead to reserve.




It's Birkie Weekend

Will it be pasta or protein?


Here at the Rookery we've never much cared for the concept of a "pasta feed." It may not be accurate or fair, but to me the expression conjures up childhood images of lunch at my middle school cafeteria. Both in terms of aroma and ambiance.


So we're serving up something just a bit different again this year for discriminating carbo loaders on the eve of the big race. Call it gourmet pasta, featuring Chef Jenny's tomato basil sauce and housemade meatballs.


And for those who swear by protein but prefer theirs in the form of fish, we're also featuring fresh Australian Barramundi all weekend long.

Barramundi is among the most popular fish served in Australian restaurants, kind of like walleye here in northern Wisconsin. Like walleye, barramundi belong to the perch family of fishes. They are native to the tropical waters of northern Australia, Southeast Asia and southern China. Large predators, barramundi can grow up to 120 pounds, feeding mainly on smaller fish and crustaceans. Sometimes called giant perch or silver jack, barramundi also are considered one of the most prized sport fish in Australia.

The barramundi featured at the Rookery are farm raised in Australia specifically for premium eating qualities, with firm white flesh, a mild flavor, and low oil content, yet high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Come discover for yourself why Australians are so high on this tasty member of the perch family.

So take your choice. Gourmet pasta with housemade meatballs. Or f
resh Australian Barramundi with quinoa in a pepper sauce. Birkie weekend. Only at the Rookery!



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5:30 - 7:00 PM     Dinner and conversation
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