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The Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) of Atlanta will be hosting its 2013 Building Bridges Awards Dinner on November 2.  I am happy to say that our event is completely sold out! 

As many of you already know, the ISB started on August 18, 2001. When we started the organization, we did not imagine that one day we will be where we are today.  On November 2, the ISB family will be celebrating our accomplishments along with our many partners, sponsors and supporters. We truly appreciate everyone's support throughout the years!

At the dinner event, we will be making announcements about two important initiatives. We will share our exciting news with our readers in our next newsletter. So, please stay tuned!

Your continued support of the ISB is much appreciated and needed. Please keep the ISB in mind for speaking engagements and opportunities for projects.  Please visit our website to see the list of our presentations and to request a speaker.

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2013 Building Bridges Awards Dinner
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ISB Featured On Kiss 104 Atlanta
Eid Holiday At Imagine It!
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2013 Building Bridges Awards Dinner

The ISB is proud to announce that its upcoming signature event has been completely sold out. 

The "2013 ISB Building Bridges Awards Dinner" will host some of Atlanta's most prominent leaders from the government, media, interfaith, education and business communities as they gather to honor recipients of the "2013 Building Bridges Award." 
The event will feature a networking reception, keynote address, dinner, and an awards ceremony. 
ISB Recognized For Its 
Community Contributions 
The ISB was honored with a community award on October 26. 
The ISB received the "2013 Arab American High Achievers Award," from the Alif Institute, an Arab American Non-Profit Educational and Cultural Enrichment Center.  
The ISB was recognized for its contributions to the advancement of Arab-American Community at the Alif Institute's Fourth Annual Gala honoring "Arab Americans High Achievers." 
ISB Featured In Kiss 104 Atlanta
On October 13, ISB Executive Director Soumaya Khalifa was interviewed on the Jennifer Keitt show, "Different From Me," which airs on Kiss 104 Atlanta every Sunday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. 
The show explored whether "our differences bringing us closer together or tearing us apart as a community," and "how do we view those we deem different."  The show also featured a guest representing the Hispanic community. 
To listen to "Different From Me," please click here.
Eid Holiday At Imagine It!!
ISB Speakers Reem Faruqi, Slma Shelbayah and Zaynab Ansari joined Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta in commemorating Eid ul-Adha, the holiday marking the Muslim Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) on October 12. 

The ISB has been invited to the museum since 2007 to help children celebrate the holiday. Shelbayah read to the children and their parents from the book "Tell Me About Hajj" and led them through a "Make 'n Take" crafts workshop, which included different crafts ready to be assembled.  

As part of the "Meet the Holidays Programming," representatives of different faiths are invited to the museum to feature their their respective holiday seasons. 


The museum also featured Eid ul-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of Ramadan, in August this year.   

Muslim Journeys Featured On AIB Metro
The ISB program on the "Muslim Journeys Bookshelf" was featured on the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB) Metro show. 
AIB Metro, which features religion news and faith-community trends, aired a segment of ISB speaker Alan Howard's presentation "Getting To Know American Muslims And Their Faith" at the Dekalf County Scott Candler Library on August 27. The segment was aired in October. 
AIB promotes interfaith tolerance and pluralism by creating educational, religious and faith based programming that celebrates diversity. To view the segment, please click here
For more information on the "Muslim Journeys Bookshelf," please click here.
"Meet Your Muslim Neighbor"
"Meet Your Muslim Neighbor," the sixteen-part series on Islam, is still airing (for more information on show times, click here).  
The ISB teamed up with the Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB), an interfaith and educational television and internet network, to produce the show.  
A wide range of topics have been selected to be addressed during each episode (for a full article, click here).  
Several ISB speakers presented to Seniors For Enriched Living on October 10, 24, and 31. ISB speakers Shaheen Bhard, Rania Atef, and Alan Howard conducted presentations about the role of women in Islam, and Islamic holidays as well as showcased the film, "Allah Made Me Funny." The host Kathleen Reiter, who has invited ISB speakers in the past, invited the ISB for a series of presentations that began in September.  

Alan Howard and Khadeejah Farooqi conducted a presentation on "History of Islam/Muslim Contribution to Civilization" to a group of 30 people at Dunwoody Baptist Church Perimeter Adult Learning & Services on October 19. The audience members represented both Christian and Jewish faith traditions.

Huma Faruqi presented "Women in Islam" to a group of 25 high school students at Marist School on October 29. The students had previously watched a film in class called "Women and Islam," and requested that the ISB speaker answer some questions in regards to information presented in the film. Faruqi was joined by Hina Mehmoud, who participated in the Q & A session.  
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