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   Ideas for Lawyers and Managers That Dare To Be Different
September 2015

Welcome to Olmstead & Associates Law Practice E-News, a law practice management resource for practicing attorneys, managing partners, administrators, and others that must keep updated on all aspects of law firm management. 

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Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Top Law Firm Associate Attorneys
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Many senior partners in law firms are approaching retirement age and are beginning to think about succession strategies. As they examine their associate lawyer ranks some partners are often surprised to learn that there may be few takers. While their associates may be great lawyers, none bring in business nor do any of them seem to really be interested in partnership. Such firms have hired a bunch of folks that just wanted jobs and have no interest in owning a law firm.  While this hiring approach may have satisfied the firm's short term needs - it may fall short in the long term.

Developing Metrics and Dashboards for a Personal Injury Law Firm

Looking to sell or merge your practice - lets us know.

We frequently consult and work with law firm clients working on implementing succession strategies that involve the sale of a law practice, merging with another firm, or hiring lateral talent, If you are looking to join up with another firm keep us in mind. We post confidential listings on our website.


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