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Law Firm Advertising - Should a PI Firm Consider TV Advertising

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Solo/Small Firm Question of the Month - Law Firm Succession/Exit Strategy for Owner of a Six Attorney Insurance Defense Firm

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  • Law Firm Advertising - Should a PI Firm Consider TV Advertising
  • I have personal injury plaintiff law firm clients that have had great success with TV advertising and other clients that have had poor results. High case volume/low case value firms have had the greatest success. In order to be successful you must have the budget to be able to stay the course and the infrastructure to support and manage the advertising effort and to support the work and cases. The worst thing you can "dabble" with TV advertising. Here are a few thoughts.

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  • Law Firm Overhead
  • Recently the managing partner of an eight attorney firm asked us the following question.

    "Recently I was talking with the managing partner of a firm in the area and we were discussing overhead ratios and we seemed to have different definitions of overhead and I am wondering if we were trying to compare apples to oranges. Can you share your thoughts?"

    I advised him that I consider overhead to be the operating cost required to support the producers in the firm. This is a different statistic than expenses. Typically in a law firm overhead is all expenses except for attorney salaries (associate and partners) and benefits. Often overhead is used is various benchmark surveys. However, when determining net income or profit (the profit pool) expenses would include associate salaries and associate and partner benefits. In a professional corporation where officer salaries are expensed we typically add shareholder salaries back to the net income figure to determine the profit pool for benchmarking purposes.

  • Solo/Small Firm Question of the Month - Law Firm Succession/Exit Strategy for Owner of a Six Attorney Insurance Defense Firm
  • QuestionI am the solo owner of a six attorney insurance defense firm in Phoenix. The other five attorneys are associates - most of whom have been with me three years or less and had limited experience prior to joining my firm. I am 47 and am looking to start to wind down within five years and be totally out of the practice in ten years when I am 57. I want to start thinking about my succession strategy early so I have time to execute it properly. I would appreciate your suggestions.

    Answer:If you are like most small insurance defense firms you have a handful of insurance companies that sends you virtually all of your cases. I assume that you bring in all the business, hold the key to the client relationships, and guard those relationships carefully. This may be a double edged sword for you in that while controlling those relationships and using your associates as "worker bees" may keep them from getting close and stealing your clients this approach may also prevent you from developing suitable "bench strength" in the eyes of your clients that could constrain an internal succession/exit strategy down the road. Ask yourself this question - if you made a couple of deserving associates partners today and you left the firm next year would any of the clients stay? Often in situations similar to yours I am told - none. If this is the case you need to begin to hire the right associates - ones that actually want to become partners someday (not all do) and bulk up the team that you have. Otherwise, you may have to bring in lateral talent at the right time or merge with another firm.

    Unlike many law firms we are working with you are starting to think about this early - so you have time.

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