"Success for children (or society) should never be measured in how many adoptions were completed, but in how many adoptions were prevented by saving their families.

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OLO NewsletterFebruary 2016
Happy Year of the Monkey!  New Year is always a good time to reflect on were we have been and where we are going.  Last year marked a full on shift to helping families.  The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kits dominated the year while we moved towards preemptive care with the idea that the right help at the right time could make all the difference.  We have also been supporting families during their long term hospital stays and coaching people through surgery support.
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Thank you for all your support!
The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit is in the final stages of the pilot program.  It has taken longer than expected but with only a few more steps we will be distributing cleft kits widely, thus giving families feasible alternatives to abandonment.  
 Amber has a family!
I love Amber! Her story of being left hungry under a flyover when she was a few days old, with a bi-lateral cleft inspired the cleft kits. Friends Joanne and Steve recently finalized her adoption thus turning all three lives upside down in the best way possible.  CONGRATULATIONS!
Cindy's Corner!
We had a team of students from Yew Chung International School visit Cindy's Corner for an afternoon of crafts. They played with babies and did simple crafts. The parents appreciate the care and thought the students brought. Long hospital stays are difficult, especially during the holidays.
THANK YOU Medela and Little Flowers of China!
The key to our cleft kits is the Special Feeder bottle.  It is imperative that the bottle be high quality and easy to use.  The high cost of bottles could easily derail our 88rmb/kit.  The best special feeder is Medela and they have generously donated bottles to get our program started.  Thank you Jana at China Little Flower and big endless thank you to Medela!
 Coaching to surgery!
Surgery Sponsorship has morphed from OLO raising funds for surgery to coaching others who want to help a specific family.  We coach big-hearted individuals who want to help a particular family with practical support regarding contacts, working with hospitals, handling money, and fundraising.
In cooperation with Eden Ministry  
we have created a TLBCK bracelet.  It's a simple beautiful way to show your support for families with cleft babies. 
Each bracelet has a 福 meaning lucky or blessed, a small silver butterfly and a card written in English and Chinese with a brief description of our program making this the perfect gift.
In the US and Canada you can buy these on etsy with the help of the fabulous Rachel Kang.  If you are in China or elsewhere you can email theluckybunnycleftkit (at) gmail.com and we can ship the bracelets to you.

You raised 5990 RMB towards cleft kits!!!

A note from Naomi

Orphans are a
heady business!

Those of us who work with orphans get use to hearing about our sacrifice and caring for the least of the least, but I will tell you a secret: Orphans are heady business! 

There is stark difference between working with orphans and families.  If I help a family the mothers would hug me and cry and the fathers will enthusiastically shake my hand.  However, the babies look at me in fear.  This is good and right.

With families you have drama, and Chinese families especially with the grandparents holding a larger role, the drama increases exponentially.  Also, families don't always do what you want. 

When you work with orphans you are the one in control, who the baby reaches for, you make decisions. I can dress a baby in Baby Gap and it is for me that they scream in delight when I walk in the room.

I like to think myself a better person but I miss orphans.  I would rather not deal with another family's drama.  I'd rather the baby was mine and that I was the hero. 

The truth is that an orphan who is on track to be adopted isn't the least of the least, it is the family who is struggling, who is scared and needs help, the mother who is being mistreated by her mother in law for producing a "defective" child.  These are who we are wanting to help.

Families are a different reward, knowing a baby is with their mother and not living in an institution for the first few years is what is best for the child.

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