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Introducing: The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit
The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit can reduce the number of abandoned children by
giving families the tools and information to care for their child while connecting them with organizations that offer free corrective surgery and support. 

Babies born with cleft lip/palate have a hard time drinking milk because the opening in their lip and palette mean they cannot suckle normally.  A specialized bottle is needed to drink and training on how to use the bottle.  Often families in poor rural areas bring home their child and discover that they cannot feed their child and after days of frustration and their child's hungry cries will, in desperation, abandon their hungry child.  It is estimated that 50-90% of children born with cleft lip/palette are abandoned.

By working directly with hospitals and clinics Cleft Kits can be given to the family the day of birth.  If we can help families get through the first few months and connect them with one of the many organizations offering free surgery we believe we can significantly reduce the number of children abandoned.

Each Cleft Kit costs 88 RMB or $15

The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit     1 =    $15
The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit     3 =    $45
The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit     5 =    $75
The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit   10 =  $150
The Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit   50 =  $750
Inside Each Kit
  • cleft bottle with extra teats
  • instructional DVD and written instructions on how to feed a child with cleft lip/palette.
  • General information on cleft lip/palette.
  • Information and contact information on where to get free surgery.
  • Information on other conditions and organizations that  work with related issues like Congenital Heart Disease, speech problems, etc.