"PARTICIPATE JOYFULLY in the sorrows of the world.  We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to LIVE IN JOY"

- Joseph Campbell


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TCG NewsletterOctober 2014
Happy 1st Birthday to The Children's Garden.
For our first year we have:
  • been a home for 13 orphans.
  • intervened for 3 baby girls so they are alive today.
  • started One Less Orphan to help families.
  • creating a hospital support system for families enduring long term hospital stays.

Not so shabby for one year :-)   Enjoy the updates! 

Hey Shanghai Peeps!
We have a Team The Children's Garden running this years marathon.  Let us know if you would like to join our team for t-shirt, after dinner bash and much more or would just like to sponsor please email Monica: mon.slack (at) icloud (dot) com
Remember tiny Jack?  He was 7 months old and only 2.8 kg?  Well - he found his appetite and the nannies have taken to calling him " 小苹果" meaning "little apple".  He is no longer the frail infant but a healthy little boy who has a speed demon crawl and lots and lots of personality :-) 
Update on Cindy - One Less Orphan!  
Still we wait - Cindy remains stable, with every few days her stomach being drained while we wait for a liver donor. It hasn't been easy but her mother is remaining hopeful.   It's hard but Cindy is worth the work, the prayers and the waiting.  We have funds ready for surgery but the hospital is $16USD/day. If you can chip in while we wait it would be greatly appreciated! Just add a note that it is for Cindy's hospital fee. 
The Children's Garden at Renji Hospital
Our work with Baby Cindy revealed a big need.  Rural families come to Shanghai hospitals to get care unavailable in their provincial homes.  6 families will share a room with each family allocated a narrow bed and cupboard.  There they live for months, bored, away from home, and sideswiped by the cost of living in Shanghai.  Currently we are creating a program where we bring practical help to these families by setting up a toy/book library, clothes, and music/crafts and meals.
Thank you Lily!
My old friend Lily Kempf came for an extended visit.  Lily teaches Montessori in Beijing and came to TCG to work with the nannies and kids.  We are are grateful her time here and how she helped us rethink development and play.
Can you help?
Infant formula in China is expensive and unreliable.  Despite the doctor who scolded Naomi for not breastfeeding Jack (this really happened), we are dependent on milk powder.  If you are coming to Shanghai it would be appreciated if you could carry a few tins.  Peggy can only accept soy formula and occasionally we have other special needs.  We can accept any brand and the airlines allow for a maximum of 4 tins per passenger.  Please email njkerwin (at) gmail (dot) com if you can help.  THANK YOU!
A visit from from my favorite Dutch ladies and the founders' of Care4Tina Tineke and Elise
You can be a part of
The Children's Garden! 
A note from Naomi
A typical afternoon.

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible"
Saint Francis of Assisi

A year ago I had no idea what I was getting into.  I had planned on getting a regular job and take up my old life in a new city and then... I was presented with two orphans who quickly, desperately needed a home to continue their care in Shanghai.  How could I say no?

Two children grew to five and at this time we have had a total of 13 children in our home.

This month I will be traveling inland to talk with community leaders  to help us identify needy families for One Less Orphan.  Often when families decide to abandon the child's condition is so far along it is difficult to do 
anything.  I am grateful that the public's focus is moving toward helping families, an issue that came to light when the baby hatches revealed the heartbreak the families were facing. 

In the mean time the government is making changes to the foster care that give foreign run foster homes an uncertain future.  These changes have been long expected and needed but at this time we don't know how these changes will impact our recovery home or other homes throughout China.

Thank you all!  Without your kind support The Children's Garden couldn't exist.
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