"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." 

- Mother Teresa

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TCG NewsletterJuly 2014
Welcome back to The Children's Garden!  Since our last newsletter we gained three new babies, moved homes and  One Less Orphan was featured in the Global Times Daily! We are working to establish our US 501c  status along with building relationships and infrastructure that can effectively help families in need keep their children.  We also have the babies before us who we love, care for, and advocate for their best medical care.  We hope you enjoy our newsletter!
Focus on Peggy
Peggy joined us in early June.  Right away we knew we had a special girl who loves to cuddle, smile and giggle, she is an absolute joy!  She is bright and curious with a stubborn streak; lots of personality! She is named for our dear friend and early supporter Peggy McCue. 
Update on Cindy - One Less Orphan!  
Cindy and her family still wait for surgery.  Last minute diagnostics revealed medical issues in both parents, disqualifying the mother and requiring the father to get some health issues cleared before he is donor ready.  Cindy is #1 on the donor list while we wait for the father to be medically ready, whichever comes first.  It's been a made-for-television type drama with divine intervention, family and medical drama, setbacks and generous strangers.  We remain on track and hopeful for a good outcome. 
Amber and the tough decision
At TCG we do our best to maximize the number of children from rural orphanages that can be in Shanghai for medical treatment.  After Amber has her lip surgery it's no longer necessary for her to stay in Shanghai so she will be sent back to her orphanage.  While the officials were willing to make an exception for her to stay with TCG we decided collectively that we need to stick to our original scope and to help as many children as possible.
Fundraiser at Little Bugz
BIG THANKS to Lina at Little Bugz and volunteers Monica and Jenni for a fabulous fundraiser on 22 June for Baby Cindy's surgery One Less Orphan.  Little Bugz generously donated the entrance fee in addition to a silent auction and face painting.  Mimosas welcomed the moms and dads while the kiddies played on the indoor playground.  We even caught the attention of the Global Times.  Thank you again Monica, Jenni, Lina and everyone at Little Bugz!
Can you help?
Infant formula in China is expensive and unreliable.  Despite the doctor who scolded Naomi for not breastfeeding Jack (this really happened), we are dependent on milk powder.  If you are coming to Shanghai it would be appreciated if you could carry a few tins.  Peggy can only accept soy formula and occasionally we have other special needs.  We can accept any brand and the airlines allow for a maximum of 4 tins per passenger.  Please email njkerwin (at) gmail (dot) com if you can help.  THANK YOU!
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A note from Naomi
A typical afternoon.

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible"
Saint Francis of Assisi

I love adoption. When children stop being orphans and are brought into families; magic!  But my heart will always be with the child's first family and their struggles to make do under very difficult circumstances.  It is difficult for me to understand how a child with two living parents, who want their child, would need to abandon them, but it happens everyday.

My work with Baby Cindy and her family has brought into sharp focus the challenges facing families with special needs children.  It is a daunting task to get specialized medical care in rural China where finances, accessibility to quality care, and family pressures can crush parents to the point of being forced to make the heart breaking decision to abandon your own child.  Kyla who intercepted Cindy's abandonment tells her story.

These past few months I have taken part in dozens of meetings with Chinese and foreigners, migrant workers, rural families getting care in Shanghai  organizations, hospitals, individuals, schools, and companies as we re-imagine orphan care that focuses first on preserving families.   

In the mean time we are helping the children in front of us; loving them, getting them medical care and preparing them for whatever their next step may be.  

Thank you all!  Without your kind support The Children's Garden couldn't exist.
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