"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." 

- Mother Teresa

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TCG NewsletterJune 2014
 Welcome back to The Children's Garden!  Again it has been an eventful few weeks.  The recent BBC interview reconnected us with old friends and others wanting to address the problems facing family with sick children.  We welcomed our first family under One Less Orphan last week.  We continue to work through the highly specialized medical needs of our children as well as the  teething, learning to walk, and all the joys of peek-a-boo.  
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Focus on Amber
Amber joined us last month and is one of the most joyful babies I have ever known She loves to giggle!  Don't let the sweet face fool you -- Amber can man-belch :-) We expect her surgery to be next month to repair her cleft lip.  
One Less Orphan!
Last week my friend intercepted a woman abandoning her baby.  The child has a severe liver illness and the parents had lost hope.  I told her to "Send them to Shanghai".  Two mornings later the family arrived and we were able to get them to a pediatric liver specialist within hours. The mother will to donate part of her liver and we are expecting for the transplant surgery to be this week.  We have raised about $5K of the $10K USD necessary.  Please, if you are willing to donate you can make a paypal payment or PM me for bank details.
Donating and Volunteering
TCG welcomes volunteers with all skill sets!  We need volunteers to do administrative work, organizing donations, fundraising, and to cuddle babies.  
We are also looking for foster families and people to sponsor our individual children.  If you have have any ideas of how to help or just want to lend a hand please send us an email.
For more visit our website at http://TheChildrensGardenShanghai.org
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A note from Naomi
A typical afternoon.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something greater than oneself.
- Joseph Campbell
This past week we officially launched our first project for One Less Orphan, helping families with sick children keep they children.  Fittingly, our first surgery will be a liver transplant with the mother donating part of her own liver to her child.  
Without your help and sacrifice to cover medical costs the surgery couldn't happen but if the family had abandoned their child would be no mother to donate a liver.  In short, if the child was an orphan there would be no chance for survival.

Thank you all!  Without your kind support The Childrens Garden couldn't exist.
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