Wolfington Center at Cabrini College
February 2014
Vol. No. 2, Issue No. 3 
Faith in Action
The Cabrini College Core Curriculm, Justice Matters, requires students to take classes that connect the theory and practice of social justice to each student's major. The picture to the right shows an experience from ECG 200: Democracy and Diversity, taught by Dr. Sharon Schwarze, which explores how power, privilege, and difference affect solidarity, equality, and dignity, with a focus on the Mt. Pleasant, PA community. Students are required to spend time in the community, and have taken to running community-wide events. Some students have become long-term volunteers there, living up to our expectations of an "Education of the Heart."
Upcoming Events
Feb 18:  Cabrini Founder's Day, featuring Bishop Ricardo Ramirez, CSB, Las Cruces, NM

Mar 13: Ivy Young Willis Award, presented to Sister Simone Campbell, NETWORK

April 22: Ecological Spirituality, Daylesford Abbey, John F. Burke, Ph.D., details forthcoming 
Recent Reflections
The Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching, Dale Ahlquist, American Chesterton Society

Soiled by Mud on the Street: Pope Francis and the Working Class, Sherry Linkon, Youngstown State University

Catholic Relief Services, a Cabrini College partner, continues to do an incredible job serving the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  Please consider supporting their efforts.

Please note these postings are meant to be informative; they are not meant to reflect the values of Cabrini College or the Wolfington Center.

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Each  year, the Wolfington Center works with students, faculty, and staff in their continuing quest to reflect upon Catholic Social Teaching and then put it into action in a dynamic, animated fashion.  Through our Community Workers program, we pay dozens of Cabrini students to work in nonprofits across the Delaware Valley.  We connect hundreds of students with volunteer service opportunities.  And through it all, we imbue the work of Cabrini with our Catholic Social Teaching mission.


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Reflection from the Executive Director:
The War on Poverty - "Back to the Future"
2014 is the 50th anniversary of the year 1964. During 1964, a number of key events changed the future direction of U.S. politics and society. First, the first U.S. tour of the Beatles challenged the conformity of the 1950s both in personal attire and music taste. Second, many women were attracted to Betty Friedan's
The Feminine Mystique, published the previous year, that turned the 1950s stay-at-home mother icon on its head and incited the contemporary feminist movement. Third, the civil rights mobilization by college students in the Freedom Rides across the south brought into focus how deep racism was still entrenched in the Deep South, a full decade after Brown v. Board of Education (1954). Fourth, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution passed by Congress enabled President Lyndon Johnson to escalate the Vietnam War. Fifth, the free speech movement started by college students at the University of California-Berkley initiated a set of college student protests that would lead to the end of the Vietnam War almost a decade later. Finally, the campaign by Barry Goldwater for president nor only started the shift of Southern white voters to the Republican Party, but began the contemporary conservative political movement which has transformed U.S elections and policymaking over the past half century.

Perhaps though out of all these major changes that erupted in 1964, Lyndon Johnson's "war on poverty" still has the greatest resonance still today. As a consequence of the government programs of the federal government programs of Johnson's Great Society, poverty was significantly reduced during the 1960s and 70s. Subsequently, due to changes in government fiscal policy initiated during the Reagan era of the 1980s, the gap between the economic haves and have-nots in this country has dramatically risen. President Obama's recent State of the Union address sought to refocus the nation's moral attention on addressing poverty. In turn, one of the main planks of Pope Francis' recent apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, is that widespread global poverty connected to the dynamics of the global economy is in contradiction to Christian right relationships.
At least two Cabrini activities in February have focused or will focus on the challenge of addressing poverty through Catholic social teaching. First, four students from Cabrini - Madeline Cantu, Christie Gehman, Mackenzie Harris, & Alicia Ireland - attended the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington D.C. from February 2-5 as part of the Young Leaders Initiative. The theme of this conference, that annually brings together Catholic social justice practitioners from across the nation, was "Becoming 'a Church that is Poor and for the Poor'." These students participated in liturgical and educational activities centered on the conference's theme and then advocacy activities on Capitol Hill focused on just approaches to both poverty and immigration reform.

Second, Bishop Ricardo Ramirez of Las Cruces will be this year's Founder's Day speaker at 7:15pm on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in the Cabrini mansion. His topic is "Crossing Borders in a Transitional World: Justice and Migration." He will specifically address the legal, moral, and theological dimensions of immigration reform. The following evening (Feb. 19th) at 7pm he will be the celebrant of a bilingual mass focused on the theme, "Welcoming the Stranger" at Visitation BVM Church at 196 North Trooper Road, Norristown, PA 19403-2665. This liturgy is being cosponsored by St. Patrick's Church, Norristown; the Vicar for Cultural Ministries, Archdiocese of Philadelphia; and the Wolfington Center. Please participate in these events which seek, according to Catholic social teaching, the realization of just economic relations.


John Francis Burke

Executive Director, The Wolfington Center

"Seeking Unity-In-Diversity" Lecture Series

The theme of this year's Spring Lecture Series is "Seeking Unity-In-Diversity: A Faith-Based Engagement of Building Bridges Not Walls Between Cultural Communities."  Given the ongoing discussions regarding immigration reform and the growing diversity of the United States, these spring presentations will be very timely.  


Details on the series can be found on the Lecture Series site -->

Cabrini College Presented With Fair Trade Certification

Through the efforts of students, faculty and staff, Cabrini College has earned fair trade status, a designation determined by Fair Trade Colleges and Universities.  On January 16, 2014, Fair Trade USA presented Cabrini College Interim President Deb Takes with the certification.


Cabrini College is one of only 17 colleges and universities nationwide to be recognized as a Fair Trade College, as determined by Fair Trade Colleges and Universities in partnership with Fair Trade USA. Cabrini earned its status in November 2013.  Fair trade is a global trade model that advocates for the purchase and sale of goods that were produced in an ethical, fair, and just manner.


Read on -->

Cabrinian Philosophy of Education
Rose Basile Green's study of St. Frances Cabrini's philosophy of education continues with a discussion of the principles that Mother Cabrini defined for her institutions.  Mother Cabrini wrote specific programs for the students in her schools, orphanages and other educational insitutions.  Mother Cabrini's Rule included the areas of religious duties, study, reading, oral and written communication, ethics, and recreation.  


Learn about Mother Cabrini's Rule on the Cabrini Mission Matters blog -->

Cabrini Students Study Genocide Through Movies, Lectures, Awareness

During the week of January 27th, Cabrini's CRS Ambassadors held Genocide Awareness Week, bringing educational programs to the campus.  Throughout the week, they held educational events, screened films, and discussed the causes of genocide, and how societies have dealt with it and recovered.


News articles from Genocide Awareness Week:

'Sometimes in April' shows students severity of genocide

Finding out what is genocide

Cabrini's Wolfington Center fosters community-based learning through Catholic Social Teaching and St. Frances Xavier Cabrini's accent on "the education of the heart."