Quarterly Update
April 2016
Most Recent Research Awards Recipients
David Bethoney, Fisheries Oceanography, SMAST received NOAA RSA award in the amount of $408,004 for Sustaining, Improving and Evaluating Portside Sampling and River Herring Incidental Catch Reduction in the Atlantic Herring Mid-water Trawl Fishery project.

Mark Silby, Biology, College of Arts & Sciences received an award through Argonne National Labs (prime: DOE) in the amount of $30,730 for  
Genomics: GTL Fundamental Scientific Focus Area

Vijaya ChalivendraMechanical Engineering, College of Engineering received an award from Corsair Innovations in the amount of $84,182 for 
Fundamental Evaluation of FEAM and FEAM Structures Relative to Optimizing their Impact Energy Absorption and Functional Properties project.
Updates & Upcoming Changes
Effort certification period is now open. 

if you have any grants activities.

Going forward allocation of 1% effort for PIs & Co-PIs in PeopleSoft & certification in ECRT is not required in cases when no funds are requested/budgeted to cover the salaries.  This change would eliminate additional administrative burden on the faculty as well as SPA staff.  All 1% effort entered into the system prior to March 23, 2016 should be certified in ECRT.

Based on NSF recommendation, all discrepancies of 5% or more from initial labor allocation should be investigated, clarified & documented appropriately in ECRT either in the Notes field or uploaded attachment, e.g., a copy of an e-mail with % effort fluctuation explanation.

Contact David Mann, Financial Systems & Reporting Manager for assistance with:
  • Effort Certification
  • Reporting
  • Service Units/Centers

Full Time Employee 
(33.50% fringe benefits + 1.67% payroll tax) = 35.17%

Payroll Tax Rate (for summer payments for faculty & students) = 1.67%

Check out Budget Template with the proposed new fringe benefits rates.

Updates from The

UMassD received 4 new invention disclosures from investigators in Bioengineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Chemistry/Biochemistry, bringing the total to 6 so far for FY2016.  UMassD filed four new patent applications in second quarter of the FY this fall, along with two international applications filed in the third quarter.  Most excitingly, there are two license agreements for UMassD technologies under negotiation, and we hope to be able to announce successes in the next SPA Newsletter. 
OTCV is now located on the ground floor of Foster, in Room 008A in the Research Development suite. David Glass is usually on campus 1 or 2 days a week. David can always be reached by e-mail, so please check out his schedule and contact him if you'd like to drop by the office, or request a time to meet to discuss your ideas for inventions or any project that may have commercial potential.

program provides $6,000 to humanities faculty for work over two months during the Summer of 2017.  UMass Dartmouth is limited to two applicants.  An internal review is planned for June. If you are interested please contact Mary Hensel.  

Elena Glatman
Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
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Grant Writing Fundamentals & Tools
Presented by: Ben Jones, Corporate & Foundation Relations
Date: April 6, 2016

Thinking of submitting 
NSF Career Proposal?(Due July 20-22, 2016) 
Come join us for TEA Time with SPA NSF Series:

Data Management Plan -DMPTool
Presenter: Zac Painter, Library
Date: April 13, 2016

Broader Impacts
Presenter: Barbara Pearson, UMass Amherst
Date: May 4, 2016

NSF Career Proposals
Date: June 1, 2016

Time & Location:
All TEA Time sessions will take place from 2:00-3:00pm at the Office of Faculty Development (OFD), 2nd floor, Library
Proposal Preparation Tips
Lower F&A Rates:
  • An internal approval by the VC for Research is required prior to proposal submission, unless the sponsor limits F&A rate, per their policy, statutory requirement, or when specifically stated in a RFP, e.g., for training grants F&A rate is limited to 8% , so no internal approval is required.
  • For all state funded projects, e.g., under ISAs, F&A rate lower than 26% on MTDC should be approved by the VC for Research prior to proposal submission.

Always sign & date:

prior to submission to SPA for review & approval - 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline date is recommended to ensure quality proposal review.
to increase rigor & reproducibility

Grants Management Tips:
Travel - Paperless Expense Reports
It is recommended for all PIs to sign and date the expense reports and upload along with the receipts in cases when a PI is not the approving authority in PeopleSoft.