Quarterly Update
2nd Issue
December 2014
News from SPA:
Funding Opportunities Libguide
New One Stop Shop Online Resource for Finding Funding Opportunities - Libguide
This guide has been developed to assist you with identifying funding opportunities available for research and other projects of interest. SPA, Library and ORD worked together to make this online resource available to UMassD community.  Investigators interested in exploring new funding opportunities should contact SPA and ORD directly.
NSF Updates

Effective for proposals submitted or due on or after December 26, 2014. For proposals submitted prior December 26, 2014, the guidelines in NSF 14-1 apply.


NSF recommendations related to federal award administration after virtual site visit in 2013:


"...implement time and effort procedures with adequate internal controls to prevent improper charges of labor costs. The procedures should be consistently followed and include a timeline for the completion and review of effort reports."

..."consistently investigate and obtain clarification of discrepancies of 5% or more from the initial labor allocations and document results."
If you have any active awards, please certify % effort via ECRT on a timely manner to stay in compliance with the requirements.  Thank you for your cooperation. 
Clarification on Charging Grants for Student Health Insurance
Health insurance for graduate students ($2,124 p/year) is optional for inclusion into the proposed budget, if allowable by the granting agency.  F&A/indirect costs are charged on student health insurance - account code 786220.  Please note, Health Fees ($95 p/year) are excluded from MTDC base, so no F&A/indirect charges apply.  This practice is consistent across other UMass campuses.

Elena Glatman
Director, Sponsored Projects Administration
"Sometimes in the midst of change we find our true direction."
  Happy Holidays! 
Noteworthy Funding Opportunities
ARPA-E: Innovative Development in Energy-related Applied Science (IDEAS)
NIST: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

Teagle Foundation
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