Chancellor's Monday Message
Monday, August 25, 2014    

Did you know that Native American tribes -- the Algonquin, Chippewa, and Cree -- were known to gather cranberries and used them as food, medicine, and dye for textiles? Do you know that there are 14,000 acres of cranberry farms in Southeastern Massachusetts? This past week I traveled to Plympton for the Annual Chicken Bake organized by the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, the oldest farmers organization in the United States, constituted in 1888 to promote and foster cranberry growing.


At the CCCGA Annual Meeting, I joined President Brian Wick, Principal Scientist Carolyn DeMoranville of the UMass Cranberry Station, Commissioner of Agriculture Greg Watson, Congressman Bill Keating, Senate President Therese Murray, Senator Michael Rodrigues, and Representative Bill Straus. Congratulations to Professors Catherine Neto and Maolin Guo, who will receive $500,000 in earmarked funds to establish a Cranberry Health Research Center, support made possible through the efforts of Senate President Murray and our legislators.


Kudos to Professor Maryellen Brisbois of the UMassD College of Nursing and Professor Helder Pereira of the University of the Azores College of Nursing for the implementation in this coming academic year of the "Bridging the Atlantic" Nursing student exchange! This initiative, conceptualized during our trip to the Azores in November of 2013, entails an exchange of students between the two universities as part of the Community Health Nursing clinical course. We owe a debt of gratitude to the DeMello Charitable Foundation for their $100,000 philanthropic gift to support travel and other expenditures associated with those who will participate in this initiative, two faculty members and 16 students from the two universities.


Plaudits to Chancellor Professor Emeritus Gerard Koot for a new $164,550 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a project titled "The Dutch Republic and Britain: The Making of Modern Society and A European World Economy"! The funding will support a five-week professional development seminar for 16 schoolteachers comparing the development of modern economic systems in the Dutch Republic and Great Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Two weeks ago, Assistant Director for Campus Sustainability Jamie Jacquart and I attended the Host Committee meeting for the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment Compact's 2014 Presidents Summit on Climate Leadership, to be held in Boston on October 1-3, 2014 at the Revere Hotel. The conference will focus on climate mitigation, resiliency, and regional and national collaborations. As part of the Sustainability Showcase, three of the UMass Dartmouth initiatives will be exhibited: Power Co-Generation, The Living Classroom, and Behavior Change. The presenters will be Michael Hayes and Mike LaGrassa, Professor Robert Darst, and Jamie Jacquart, respectively. Kudos to all for their successful abstract submission!


Hats off to the Mechanical Engineering students who completed their Senior Design Capstone Projects last May 2014! First place was awarded to "Rex-Cut Automated Abrasive Disk Boring Machine" by Team Leader James Hansson, Jackson Leclerc, Gavin Klecak, Jonathan Rivera, and David Mansson. The project "Protonext Technology Corporation Fuel Delivery System for a Fuel Cell" received second place, with the team composed of Team Leader Christopher Jordan, Keith Blanchard, Matthew Godfrey, Jerry Olivier, and Kyle Rowe. Selected for third place was the project "Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line Wheelchair Ramp" by students Ryan Duncum, Edward Bouley, Amanda Munson, Chris Hughes, and Lane Tobiason.


Thank you to the distinguished panel who judged the ME projects including NASA Astronaut and 1987 ME alumnus Scott Tingle; Faith Ball, Senior Engineering Manager at Lockheed-Martin Sippican; Sheri Roub, Mechanical Engineer II at Applied Materials VSE and a 2011 ME alumna; Jean Mattar, VP of Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs at Beaver-Visitec and a 1986 ME alumnus; and Douglas Lemmo, a Professional Engineer and 1971 ME alumnus. Congratulations as well to Department Chair Sankha Bhowmick, ME faculty members, and Lab Manager Don Foster for your collective efforts in fostering student success in senior design!


Have a glorious week!

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