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After 43 years, Union Depot marks return of passenger trains
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The proposed River Route will cut more than two hours (from eight hours currently to approximately five and a half hours) from the existing Amtrak service from Union Depot in St. Paul to downtown Chicago.
November 26, 2014 

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your interest in Minnesota High-Speed Rail. Please forward this newsletter to friends and colleagues who may be interested in high-speed rail news.

November Commission Meeting Summary 
Updates on passenger rail studies

Commission Meeting Summary

The Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission met Nov. 6 in Red Wing. Members received updates on outreach activities, project progress and legislative activities. They also discussed 2015 Commission activities, including a Draft 2015 Work Plan and election of officers in January. COMMISSION AGENDA AND MINUTES




The Second Amtrak Train Study: The draft final report has been completed. The report includes modeling results, service schedules and financial estimates for two scenarios and preliminary ridership numbers. The Canadian Pacific (CP) Railroad is reviewing the draft report and further discussions between MnDOT, WisDOT, Amtrak and CP railroad are required before the report can be released to the public. The report shows positive ridership numbers to Union Depot in Saint Paul, which could be a phase 1 step with additional service farther west in later phases. An Environmental Analysis may need to be done next for any needed infrastructure improvements.

The Tier 1 Environmental Impact Study (Chicago to Twin Cities): A draft report with analysis of the

connection between Saint Paul and Minneapolis was received from the consultants. Approval from the Federal Railroad Administration is required before the analysis can be shared with the public. Once a single route alternative is chosen, the downtown segment can become part of the overall Tier 1 EIS.


Red Rock Corridor Alternatives Analysis Update: This 30-mile corridor connects Hastings to downtown St. Paul and on to Minneapolis along Hwy 61 and Interstate 94. Commuter rail was studied as part of a 3-in-1 transportation solution to benefit the Red Rock Corridor, high-speed rail and freight transit. However a recent study has concluded that bus rapid transit is currently the best alternative for meeting the needs of the Red Rock Corridor.    

November Spotlight: What is the MN Passenger Rail Forum?

Minnesota High-Speed Rail, Northern Lights Express (Twin Cities to Duluth), and ZIP rail (Twin Cities to Rochester) are examples of intercity passenger rail projects being studied, developed or managed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).  The Minnesota Intercity Passenger Rail Forum was established by MnDOT as an advisory committee to assist the agency in monitoring ongoing passenger rail initiatives and available funding opportunities. A broad group of local and regional governments, railroads and more meet monthly in St. Paul.




Jerry's "On the Road" to Promote High-Speed Rail!  

You are invited to Jerry Miller's next Minnesota High-Speed Rail presentation at the Rochester Rotary Club, 11:45 a.m., Dec. 11 at the Grand Kahler Hotel, 20 SW Second Avenue, Rochester, MN. Please RSVP to romnrotary@charter.net or 507-252-0085.


Want to learn more about the benefits high-speed rail could bring to the Mississippi River Route? Jerry Miller is your man and is available to visit YOUR organization,

club or business to show high-speed rail's benefits for people living and working along the River Route.  Jerry has recently presented at the Goodview City Council, the Wabasha Rotary Club and Lake City Rotary Club.


Miller, former Mayor of Winona and former chair of the Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission, is the Commission's community liaison. To schedule an engaging presentation with Jerry Miller for your group, please contact us at minnesotahighspeedrail@gmail.com.

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