In this month of liberation we feature:
  • Passover Message
  • Voices & Visions in Afghanistan 
  • JFN Conference Banners
  • NJ Poster Exhibit
  • Unusual Places for Proudly Jewish 
  • Video Tour and Shout-Outs
  • Name That Poster
Happy Passover from Voices & Visions!

On Passover millions of Jewish families become what Rabbi Rachel Cowan calls "voyagers on an ancient pathway." 

As the Haggadah says:
"In every generation each of us must see ourselves as if we personally came out of Egypt."

Voices & Visions wishes us all an inspiring and liberating journey.

"I am blessed to be a voyager on an ancient pathway." 
- Rabbi Rachel Cowan
Voices & Visions in Afghanistan  
 A Jewish military chaplain  deployed  in Afghanistan to  lead the Passover Seder  requested Voices & Visions  posters for the chapel,  observing that "military  chapels in a deployed  environment are more  spartan than they are warm  and welcoming."

 Here is the chapel today, all  spiffed up for Passover.

Voices & Visions Banners at JFN Conference 
Did you attend the Jewish Funders Network Conference this April?

If so, you probably saw large Voices & Visions banners that served as both guideposts and inspiration for Conference attendees in San Diego.

Visit EVENTS for our write-up of the JFN Conference

Exhibit in Monmouth County NJ 
 Voices & Visions gifted a set of  signed Masters Series prints to the  Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth  County as part of an exhibit that opened  on February 1, 2016.

 See the exhibit announcement and 

Unusual Places for Proudly Jewish

     In the Playroom
"I wasn't yet sure of the ultimate location of the Proudly Jewish posters, so I quickly hung the posters in our playroom area. I didn't know what 
would happen with them, honestly.

It turns out that, with them in view so much of the time, so casually and unforced, the kids started asking about them. It has created a space for meaningful discussion.

Sometimes, when we just do something without overthinking it, the outcomes are magical."  -Goldie Cohen

                                In the Coatroom
 "At our synagogue the area where people  hang their coats is one of much        conversation. I hung up posters with their  accompanying explanations without any  fanfare and just watched to see what  would happen.

 People were surprised by the new posters  hanging on the wall. They spent time  reading them and discussing them with  other people who were also getting their  coats. It was a good way to subtly  increase Jewish content, particularly
because people could take their new Jewish thoughts with them as they walked out the door immediately afterwards."     -David Schwartz, Chicago IL

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Video Tour and Shout-Outs

 Join Rabbi Daniel Fellman of Temple  Concord, Syracuse NY, for a unique  tour of Proudly Jewish posters and  the  values they represent.

 Special shout-outs to the following organizations for initiating new Voices & Visions  programs. (Click on the organization to learn about their program.)

 JCC of Indianapolis ("Multi-Platform Series")

 Visit the EXCHANGE to learn how a wide range of organizations have used their  posters.
Name That Poster

 We regularly post  photos on Instagram that capture the spirit of Voices & Visions  posters. Can you match these three photos with a Proudly Jewish poster quote? 



 1. "I am blessed to be a voyager on an ancient pathway." -Rabbi Rachel Cowan

 2. "Serving others is one of the pillars on which Judaism rests." -Lynn Schusterman

 3. "Judaism is founded on human faith and divine promise that the world can be  perfected." -Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg

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