A High Holiday Greeting
from Voices & Visions

The most stirring prayer we say on Rosh Hashana - U'netaneh Tokef - includes the words: "A great shofar is sounded / and a silent, gentle voice is heard."

ובשופר גדול ייתקע, וקול דממה דקה יישמע

Ruah Edelstein, creator of this Proudly Jewish poster, imagined some kind of heavenly blast - something similar to the one in this prayer? - as she illuminated the quote by Rabbi Yitz Greenberg: "Judaism is founded on human faith and divine promise that the world can be perfected."

At this High Holiday season of 5776 we at Voices & Visions echo the sentiments of this poster, affirming both the faith and the promise. We are thrilled that the new Proudly Jewish series - six posters exemplifying Judaism's core values - will be on display this fall at synagogues and other institutions across the U.S. and Canada. We look forward to these new posters finding their place on walls and in discussions in a broad variety of settings, just as the Masters Series posters did before them.

We wish you a sweet and inspiring new year.

The Voices & Visions Team

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