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Rabbi Eric M. Berk of Congregation Beth Knesset Bamidbar of Lancaster, California shared:


"We arranged the posters for the adults on a Saturday evening and for the religious school on Sunday morning. They were terrific conversation starters.  I had everyone pick their favorites (teaching and/or art), and literally each adult and each child chose more than one poster. And of course I asked why. Usually it was the teaching or the art or both that resonated with them. Thank you again for all of this, I am impressed with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's generosity."


To learn more Congregation Beth Knesset Bamidbar, visit their website:  http://www.bkb.org/  

With school starting back up in the coming weeks, the following poster can be used to help students understand the comparison between people and letters/words. Think about asking the students the following questions:


  • What happens when there are missing letters in a word?

  • How can you relate these questions to human beings?

  • What human "combinations" do you see around you? Which ones are central to your life?
For more question ideas based on this poster, view our discussion guide!




Hebrew College of Boston, Massachusetts, used this Voices & Visions poster on a recent Israel Educational Seminar for an interfaith group.  


Take a look at their video of how they interpreted the poster using a hands-on activity.


What other sort of hands-on activities can you do using ideas from the Masters Series posters?


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Aleza Kulp, originally from Margate, New Jersey, has been working as the Educational Director and Family Life Coordinator for the past thirteen years at the Westchester Jewish Center in Mamaroneck,
New York.


Aleza and Amy Levine-Kennedy, Art Gallery Chair of the Westchester Jewish Center, worked together to plan a two hour Family Program for the 4th grade religious school students using Voices & Visions posters. They set their Activity Center up as a one room museum, with the posters being displayed on the walls. Aleza and Amy led a discussion about the posters, the quotes and the artists. Children and adults were given opportunity to speak and express their impressions and reactions. Each family then had time to walk around the room and look at the posters more closely. They were given sticky note pads and pencils so they could write down their thoughts and stick them on the wall around the posters. Aleza explains, "It was amazing to watch children and adults looking at the art and having small group conversations in a very relaxed atmosphere."


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