Congratulations, graduates! Enjoy this special time, and in the words of one of the most popular Jewish rappers, Drake, "YOLO"; so make the most of it!

With summer right around the corner, what better way to prepare than with
Voices & Visions posters? More than just wall decorations, we have exciting new
usage ideas, a new product line and a fun new way to connect with us!
Get Creative - Summer Camp and Organization Activities

Time to get your hands dirty and elbows greasy with a little help from Voices & Visions.

The posters all make great wall decorations, but how about adding your own unique, personal touch by making homemade frames?
Camp B'nai B'rith in Oregon had campers make wooden frames for the Masters Series posters.


In the Ties that Bind program at Temple Beth El, Springfield MA, participants created their own unique version of the poster "From every human being there rises a light"... They photographed silhouettes of each other using flashlights to cast a shadow, mounted them onto colorful construction paper, and combined all the photos to make this wonderful collage!










How about a Community Scavenger Hunt?


Using the community themed poster by Ivan Chermayeff, create a camp scavenger hunt that requires locating and talking to a Camp Director, Camp Counselor, Israeli staff visitor, various instructors, and support staff all around the camp. Collect answers to this question: How do you build community at this camp?  After a meal time, have campers share their favorite response.







Voices & Visions at Summer Camp

There are many ways in which Masters Series posters will impact Jewish camps. From dining hall displays to art projects and discussions with campers to Jewish enrichment in staff development.  One special way involves Israelis who have been trained by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) using Voices & Visions materials. 


These Shlichim are heading to the United States ready to make their mark, and their training included such exercises as this one:

Imagine what sort of role model you want to be this summer-which of the posters' values have you embodied (in the Army, in volunteer work, etc.) or would you like to embody?  Who are your heroes, your "morei derech" (guides)?

Read more on how Voices & Visions posters and training techniques are going to summer camp.


Spice Up Your Shopping
Everyone's looking to drink their morning coffee in style, right? Well, look no more! Become the trendiest coffee drinker in the office, when you're sipping your mandatory morning caffeine jolt in a mug decorated with artwork from the Masters Series! Look for the exciting mugs that reveal the image only when filled with something hot.     

But it doesn't stop there! Posters are also available on t-shirts and mouse pads. So not only can you drink your cup of Joe in style, but your computer mouse can have an elegant home, and you can show off your summer tan in your new wardrobe.

Don't forget about the loved ones in your life! All of our new products make gift giving a breeze. Just point and click.

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