It has been an amazing quarter with exciting testimonies flowing in about the Masters Series


  • "This was a great way to merge life lessons with Judaism and Art."

  • "This was great!  I really think it was the best family event I've been to in 15 years."  

  • "The Masters Series posters are beautiful, and provide a necessary tool to discuss Jewish thought."

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Multi-Generational Exhibit -Jewish Geriatric Services, Valley Gives and Voices & Visions, Longmeadow MA

An exhibit at the Julian J. Leavitt Family Jewish Nursing Home featured both the Voices & Visions Masters Series posters and original artwork of local seniors and teens interpreting the Masters Series texts.MORE



Training Camp Staff-Jewish Agency Training Seminar, Shefayim, Israel  

In April, the Jewish Agency will assemble over 1000 young Israelis who will serve as counselors in North American Jewish summer camps, and will use Voices & Visions posters to raise the question: What values would you like to embody as a role-model this summer? MORE


Posters on Birthright Tours-Taglit/Birthright, Israel
Taglit has formed an Educational Focus Group with graduates of its tour guide course to brainstorm how Birthright guides can use Voices & Visions™ posters as an interactive tool in the field, enabling them to be more of a "guide on the side" and less of a "sage on the stage."  MORE 


Family Program-Dalet Family Program, New York

The terrific testimonies introducing the Voices & Visions 2nd Newsletter were provided by the Westchester Jewish Center, religious school, inspired by the Voices & Visions

Masters Series. The "museum" set up allowed families an opportunity to browse and look at the posters, discuss and leave comments.


Seasonal Poster for Passover
"When I marched in Selma, I felt my legs were praying."
- Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Use Voices & Visions to enrich your community and family Seders.


Encourage people to look at this poster, read Erica Brown's

Commentary and print out the Conversation Guide  to spark a discussion at the Seder.



From the Conversation Guide: How can the act of promoting social justice become a religious experience for someone?


From a Voices & Visions project at Van Sickle Middle School in Springfield MA: How do you know when it is the right time to stand up for something?


Listen to artist Paula Scher talk about her creative process and educator Peter Geffen discuss Heschel's life and ideas.

 Looking Ahead  
Use a Featured Poster to spark reflection during Jewish holiday celebrations.  Coming up for March, April and May are:
PURIM - March 16
 "A miracle cannot prove what is impossible. It only confirms what is possible." Maimonides

How can you make an impossible miracle possible?  Questions from Van Sickle Middle School in Springfield MA  



"Silence remains, inescapably, a form of speech."- Susan Sontag


Think about a time when people did not speak up against an injustice. What does their silence say?




"Most of the things worth doing in the world were declared impossible before they were done." - Louis Brandeis


This quote may explain Brandeis' remarkable commitment to Zionism...


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Our WHO IS WISE? poster travelled to the ancient city of Zippori
via an interfaith group which included early childhood educators and science professionals led by Rachel Raz of Hebrew College of Boston, Massachusetts. "At Zippori, while exploring ancient text that is so relevant for us today we found common ground for conversation as educators, scientists, and simply human beings exploring Israel."

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