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Father's Day

EMC Red Cross

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Board Meeting
1pm at The David Burt Building

Auburn University Broadband Initiative eCommerce Workshop

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Evergreen Rotary Club Annual Banquet


4th of July
Evergreen Municipal Park

Independence Day

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EMC Offers New Service to Community
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EMC Announces Sleep Lab Services
Do you snore?  Are you excessively tired during waking hours?  Have you been told that you stop breathing during sleep?  Do you have a history of Hypertension, Diabetes, or Stroke?  Are you overweight?  Tell your doctor if you answered "yes" to any of these sleep specific questions.  Your doctor may want to refer you for sleep services.

Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans and include a wide range of problems including sleep apnea, sleep walking, insomnia, and narcolepsy. Poor sleep due to a disorder can affect all aspects of a person's life from work performance to personal relationships.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is essential to helping maintian mood, memory and cognitive performance. 


Sleep also plays an importance in your physical health.  Recent studies show a growing link between sleep disorders and a variety of serious health problems, including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

EMC Sleep Lab

Nicole Atkins, CRNP of Evergreen Primary Care will initially see patients and develop a full sleep specific History and Physical to determine criteria for testing under the guidance of  Dr. Geoffrey Lipscomb, D-ABSM who will interpret tests and serve as the Medical Director for Sleep Services. Patients will be scheduled and tested overnight in the sleep center located inside the Evergreen Medical Center's Diagnostics Building.


About sleep studies

Sleep studies are non-invasive painless studies.  A Patient will be placed in a comfortable, private room to be studied overnight as they sleep.  Trained sleep technicians will attach various sensors to monitor and record what their body does during sleep such as eye movements, snoring, oxygen levels, breathing rate, heart rate and muscle activity during sleep.

For more information about the hospital's sleep lab services or any other services, please call 251-578-2480 or visit EMC online at www.evergreenmedical.org.

EMC Awards Banquet Honors Employees
EMC Heart of Excellence
Heart of Excellence and Nightingale Award Winners, Pictured L to R:  Holley Joyner, Alice Antone, Jule Jeffcoat, Linda McMillian, and Angie Hendrix. Not Pictured: Theresia Lee and Pamela Jones

On May 13, 2013 Evergreen Medical Center held its 2013 Awards Banquet.  Director of Nursing, Angie Hendrix presented Heart of Excellence Awards to Holley Joyner, Linda McMillian, Jule Jeffcoat, Pamela Jones, and Theresia Lee. Margaret Godwin followed to present Angie Hendrix with the final Heart of Excellence Award.  The Heart of Excellence Award Winners are nominated by their peers, then a panel anonymously selects the winners based on criteria from the nomination forms. 


Each year the Nightingale Award is given to one Nurse that best represents the ideals of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.  Hendrix read The Heart Of A Nurse Poem before presenting Alice Antone with the 2013 Nightingale Award.  


The following employees were honored for their years of service:

Five Years

Peggy Gray, Emma Johnson, and Tracy Lee

Ten Years

Donna Anthony, Janean Ballinger, Cass Pate, Charlotte Presley, and Kenneth Thompson

Fifteen Years

Yolanda Brown, Lynn Hanks, Monica Hanks, and Cynthia Mills

Twenty Years

Angela Cunningham, Sandra Jackson, Daphne Johnson, Linda McMillian, Sharon Stokes, and Valerie Straughn

Twenty-Five Years 

Ernie Edeker

Thirty Years

Alice Antone and Rusty Bethune each received a special gift thanking them for their 30 year commitment to Evergreen Medical Center.

eCommerce Training for Members on June 26


Have you considered expanding to an online business to increase profits? Do you already have an online business and need to increase sales to justify it? Learn about these topics at the eCommerce Training offered this month: 

  •  How to reach more customers: local to global
  •  How to increase profits through the internet
  •  How to build an e-commerce website
  •  How to accept secure payments

This eCommerce Workshop through the Auburn University Economic & Community Development Institute will be available to Chamber of Commerce members on Wednesday, June 26, from 12-1pm. Lunch will be served, so please make reservations by calling the Chamber office at 251-578-1707. 

Evergreen Kiwanis Club Boston Butt Sale Helps Youth and Community
 Annual 4th of July Boston Butt Sale 


 The Evergreen Kiwanis Club is very  
 active in helping with youth and other
 activities and events in the
 community.  One of the main fund-
 raisers is the Boston Butt Sale which
 is held annually at  the 4th of July. 
 The Kiwanis Club has made a name
 for themselves for preparing the most
 delicious Boston Butts around. 
 Members will start taking orders soon
 so you need to make sure you get
 your order in!  The price per butt is $25.00.  Please help support the club and take this opportunity to enjoy an already prepared meat for the holiday.  You can contact any Kiwanis Club member or you can call the Extension office at 578-2762. 
HIPPY Celebrates Eight Years

HIPPY Conecuh will be having their eighth graduation this year. HIPPY stands for Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters and is a
nationally recognized home-based parent involvement school readiness program.  The program works with parents of children ages 3, 4 and 5 years of age and provides free age-appropriate curriculum, storybooks, colored shapes, crayons, glue and scissors for each child.  A trained Parent Educator takes these materials into the home and teaches the parent how to use them. The parent and child then work together to complete the lessons.  There are thirty lessons in the 3- and 4-year old curriculum and 15 lessons in the 5- year old curriculum.  One of the main goals of the HIPPY program is to prepare every child to be able to start to school ready to learn.  HIPPY helps to empower parents to become their child's first and most important teacher!




The 3- and 4-year olds will receive a certificate and the 5-years olds will receive a diploma.  Larry Lee  who is a well-known author, presenter, community coach and is very active in rural development and rural education state wide will be the speaker. 

The Conecuh County HIPPY program is supported by the Conecuh County Extension System Office and The Conecuh County Board of Education. The program is housed in the Extension office at 102 Liberty Street in Evergreen. The program began in 2006 and the number of children

and families, as well as home visitors have increased each year.

The data and progress reports have shown that the students who have been in the HIPPY program since the beginning of the program are at the top of their class.


For more information about this program, call 251-578-2762. 
Joy's Adding New Products for Summer

Joy's is ready for summer!They have added new items, like these, to make summer more fun, as well as a new line of trendy, junior clothing. They also carry Jewelry (sterling silver, Sorrelli and costume), Baby Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Wallets, Purses and Home Decor. Look for the Black & White Awning in Downtown Evergreen!

Hours at Joy's:
Mon - Tues: 10:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Thu - Fri: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
EMC Hospice has Volunteer Opportunities

 Evergreen Medical Center   

 Hospice has openings for  



 If you're interested in   

 volunteering with EMC   

 Hospice, contact Lynn   

 Wilkerson at 251-578-2939  

 for more details.


 They will be holding a   

 training session soon for new   volunteers. 

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way!

We are in the business of helping your business grow!

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