November 2013

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Fail to Succeed
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Welcome to the December edition of Pathways to Success. It's hard to believe that we're closing out the 2013 calendar year. This is a great time to reflect on the last 12 months and see what lessons can be learned from high's and low's of the year. It is also a time to reflect upon today and how much we have actually accomplished. It's a great time to acknowledge the efforts taken in 2013 and give ourselves a "pat-on-the-back." This month's articles are focused on Success. What does it mean to be able to succeed? Are we truly invested in ourselves and not risk averse to fail? The first article, "Fail to Succeed" addresses this issue.  


The second article discusses having the persistence, dedication and the "spirit" of attitude to achieve what you set out for yourself.  


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Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
  Fail to Succeed

At the recent Fall Quarterly meeting of my colleagues from around the country, the lead session was "Why Failure is Good for Success" presented by Tammy Kohl, CEO of Resource Associates Corporation.


So why is failure good for success? Here are a few:

  • Failure creates a learning experience
  • Failure allows course correction
  • Failure strengthens your sense of humor
  • Failure builds resiliency
  • Failure provides humility

Success requires taking risks that push you beyond your comfort zone.    


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Courage to Succeed
"Success is determined by our willingness to achieve and the spirit upon which we assume risk and responsibility." - Jan DeLory


The quote by Jan DeLory packs a powerful punch. Success is defined from a personal perspective of a desire or motivation to achieve a goal. However, that desire must also enlist the courage to assume the risk and responsibility to pursue that goal. Everyone has their own benchmarks for success: be it financial; accumulation of prized material items; status and recognition; or peace-of-mind. Each of us may have our own metrics


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