October 2013

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SELL is a Four-letter Word
Fact-Finding and a Climate for Selling

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Welcome to the October edition of Pathways to Success.

This month I delve into the topic of Sales. For many, particularly in the professions, "selling" conjures up negative images and perceptions. What is it that causes this visceral reaction? The first article, "SELL is a Four-letter Word" looks into this topic. 


The second article is a blog posted by a colleague of mine, Kevin Brimhall of JFD Performance Solutions. The blog provides insights and recommendations on how to structure a climate of sales with your prospects.


As we wind down the 2013 calendar year, how can you use these articles as a call-to-action for your business? Particularly at this time of year, increasing sales to increase backlog helps for 2014 business planning. Please forward this email to colleagues and friends if you find them valuable. And, if you haven't done so already, please sign up on my website to receive continuing editions. Thanks for your continued support and interest. Enjoy reading!

Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
SELL is a Four-letter Word
For those in the professions of
law, accou
nting, architecture, engineering, medicine, etc. the focus of the work is on the technical skills and knowledge required to provide the services associated with the profession. Therefore a lawyer is focused on understanding, interpreting and executing the law to best represent his/her clients. The health professional is focused on providing the best care to meet the health needs of his/her patients. Similarly the architect is focused on developing the most creative solution to a unique set of criteria to generate an environment of beauty and grace that meets and hopefully exceeds the functional needs of those who live, work and recreate in these built spaces.

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Fact-Finding and a Climate for Selling
How do you define a selling climate? It is the set of circumstances that make it favorable for your client to buy from you. How do you create a selling climate?


Keep in mind the following 5 concepts: 


1. Sell only the results your prospect wants. If your prospect's key issue is decreased sales and you keep going on and on about how you helped a previous client reduce employee turnover, is it possible you'll lose them in the tall weeds? You bet!  


2. Ask questions that generate emotion in your prospect. "Buying is an emotional process that must be rationalized. Selling is a rational process that must be emotionalized." Develop a list of emotion-evoking questions you can ask your prospects.


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