May 2013

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A Life that is a Tortoise's Beautiful Patterned Shell
Inner Awareness

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May's issue of Pathways to Success highlights two articles that focus on finding one's inner self. The first article is about the Japanese phrase "Ikigahi," which I learned about in my recent Quarterly Meeting in Pennsylvania. The second article is about the importance of Inner Awareness in our lives. How do you self-reflect to find greater meaning and purpose in your lives? How does that impact your success in your ventures?

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Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
A Life that is a Tortoise's Beautiful Patterned Shell
I learned recently of a Japanese phrase that is foundational to my coaching practice. The phrase is iki-ga-hi or phonetically pronounced, "ee - key - guy" and the meaning is "to live to one's purpose in life."

In Japan, there has been much study of why so many have lived to be 100 and over, particularly those who have lived in Okinawa, Japan's most southerly island. One of the reasons that has been asserted is that part of Japanese culture is the promotion of self-reflection; working to find what is one's life's calling. In understanding that aspect of oneself, there is an ability to chart a course that provides greater fulfillment and a longer more meaningful existence.
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Inner Awareness
We are all pelted with problems however it should not bother or hinder us on our path to become all that we can be. Childhood aspirations should continue to live within us even though they can be short-lived or last only as long as we hold on to the dream. They say we cannot teach an old dog new tricks--or can we?

If you are like me there are so many things to do in life and so little time to do them. Even normal daily tasks seem to take forever. Therefore, I ask you to delve deep inside yourself to find the answer.
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