April 2013

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The TRIPLE A's: Awareness, Authenticity and Appreciation
The Great M's of Success: Mentoring, Masterminding, Marketing and Motivation

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The April issue of Pathways to Success highlights two articles: The Triple A's and The Great M's to provide food for thought on underlying parameters for Success. We've now completed the 1st Quarter of 2013. How is your business doing? Are you incorporating the Triple A's and the Great M's in your businesses?

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Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
The TRIPLE A's: Awareness, Authenticity and Appreciation
Success is a by-product for the individual who has distilled the Triple A's into his/her behavior and outlook on the world. Awareness, Authenticity and Appreciation are mere words, but incorporating them into our lives can have a profound impact on
the way we conduct ourselves and the way we approach our life and business challenges.

Awareness, or the lack of awareness, impedes our ability to fully address the issues and challenges facing us. We often believe that we have individually surfaced all the issues involved in making a decision. Those who believe in their own prowess of being "aware" are often blind-sided by another perspective or viewpoint that should have been considered. The result might have been a different decision or direction that proved to be a better choice. Creative thinking or "thinking outside of the box" can help surface other issues. Incorporating others into the decision-making process can temper one's own egocentric perspective on the issue. read moreContinue reading ...
The Great M's of Success: Mentoring, Masterminding, Marketing and Motivation
Those who have studied successful leaders over the last 300 years or more have found certain traits successful leaders had in common that accounted to their achievements. These success techniques not only helped them forward but also sustained them even in times of depression, recession, or other personal disasters.

The Great M's of Success in business and life are Mentoring, Masterminding, Marketing, and Motivation.

It's been repeated over and over again, "Get yourself a mentor." Get help, advice, and guidance from someone who has already been there and made it. A mentor can save you years to a lifetime of mistakes. They can excel you forward in ways you never could on your own. You'll have a much greater ability to achieve your goals because you will have a blueprint to guide your way. read moreContinue reading ...