March 2013

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Creating Sustainable Communities
The Opportunities of Sustainability

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Sustainability has become a recent buzz word. Often it is talked about in relation to the environment; others have taken it up as part of business strategy. I would like to suggest that it is an important strategy that cuts across all aspects of our lives. This month's issue presents Sustainability in two contexts: (1) as part of what makes community; and (2) how it can make a difference to companies as they create business strategies.

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Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
Creating Sustainable Communities
The furniture store on Main Street; the local burger joint; the neighborhood grocery/produce store; kosher butcher; taqueria; barbershop or beauty parlor; dim sum restaurant; and the manju-ya. What do all these have in common?

I would suggest that these are the elements that are integral to our sense of community. We all know establishments like these and how significant they are in our own lives and to the community they create. Yet, what happens to these enterprises when the market changes and business profits are under pressure; the regulatory environment creates additional operating requirements and expense; or when the owners retire and the business closes its doors? What impact does that have on our personal lives and the significance of these establishments to our community?read moreContinue reading ...
The Opportunities of Sustainability
Sustainability, green, social responsibility, and corporate citizenship are all descriptors used to explain the initiative of businesses doing good while doing well. In our experience, developing a strategy of sustainability is a commitment to all people, all processes, and the environment while building profitable businesses.

Business leaders are becoming more knowledgeable about how sustainability impacts their businesses but there is still a large learning curve that needs to be addressed. In a recent ASQ research study (American Society for Quality) 40% of the respondents noted they are only somewhat familiar or not really familiar with the concept of moreContinue reading ...