September 2012

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Continuing on the Path to Success: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
Become Fearless Doing the Doing

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Are you focused on success? This month's articles provide insights and strategies to reflect upon and ask yourself whether you are doing the things to achieve success. Stepping Outside our Comfort Zone is the theme for this month's articles.

I hope that that you will find some take-away's in these articles. Please forward this email to colleagues and friends; and if you haven't done so, please sign up on my website to receive continuing editions. Enjoy reading!

Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
Continuing on the Path to Success:
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
As leaders within organizations; as entrepreneurs and business owners; and as independent consultants, the challenge for everyone is to continue to grow professionally. Technical knowledge and expertise; leadership skills; the ability to generate clients and future revenue are all areas where success depends on our personal growth. We often look to continuing education programs; management seminars; and training gurus to give us the answer on how best to grow. We seldom look within ourselves to see what we can do personally to take us to the next level of success.
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Become Fearless Doing the Doing
In the past I held positions of responsibility and always had others who did the doing things for me. I used to supervise personnel; I tended to be in charge of my own work unit, and my own time.

I once attended a job interview where members of the interview panel asked how would I organize and set up a telephone conference. I replied that I would email/telephone the IT guys with dates and times and have them do it.

To my horror, I learned that apparently I was the one responsible for this task and would have to arrange this telephone conference myself. Gee that sucked! Needless to say I immediately lost interest in the job (nor did I get it, for some strange reason). Whenever I retell this story I still manage to laugh at my reaction "What, I have to organize what?" Thank goodness for my attitude readjustment!read moreContinue reading ...