April 2012

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Getting Beyond Being Busy
Why Businesses Succeed
The ABC's of Success

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Welcome! This is the inaugural edition of Pathways to Success, a monthly newsletter by SEIDŌ Consulting that supports the mission of helping individuals and organizations find their Right Path to greater success. I hope that that you will find inspiration; be challenged; and continue to find new meaning that will that will lead you to new heights. Your feedback and comments are most welcome. Enjoy reading!

Steve Terusaki, President of SEIDO ConsultingSteve Terusaki
SEIDŌ Consulting
Getting Beyond Being Busy
read moreOur lives become so busy. We are bombarded everyday with demands that we have put on ourselves, both willingly and unwillingly. We feel engulfed in the overwhelming aspect of just getting on with our day.

And yet as we look around, we do see some of our colleagues, friends and family who are coping and succeeding in ways that we can't imagine. How do they manage; how is it that they are not overwhelmed and yet so effective? read moreContinue reading ...
Why Businesses Succeed
read moreIf you search Google for "why businesses fail" you will get about 6.9 million results. Many of those articles will talk about the pitfalls and untold reasons why businesses go out of business. Our stance is, instead of the focusing on what went wrong, focus on planning and building for success. Outcomes that are focused on are typically the outcomes that are generated. If you want to build a successful business you need to focus on success.

We can learn a great deal from businesses that fail and apply that knowledge to actions step that propel a business toward success and away from failure. Here are some important elements of a successful business to consider. read moreContinue reading ...
The ABC's of Success
read moreThe ABC's or the alphabet is something that every child learns at a very early age. It is the foundation for all communication. It provides the characters, signs, and symbols upon which we build both written and verbal communication. In addition, the alphabet is defined as the first elements or principles similar to a branch of knowledge. Using the alphabet as a model gives everyone the ability to relate to the message and integrate new ideas.

There is an "ABC" model for success, and fortunately this model can be easily applied to our business. Although the model is simple the implementation of the model is not. Understanding of and commitment to the concepts is critical, for only when 100% are applied will the concepts produce success. read moreContinue reading ...