September 2015

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A Message From Dr. Hasick   Dr. Hasick

As a result of my involvement in the Calgary Phase Contrast MRI Migraine Study over the past few years, I had the opportunity to speak again at the 4th Annual Canadian Neurovascular Health Society Conference

The conference presented current research and provided education for the neurovascular patient communities and the general community at large.

My presentation explored how the brain's vascular system and
brain function (neurophysiology) respond to an optimal NUCCA
correction and simple wellness practices.

Click here to watch the presentation on The Britannia Clinic YouTube channel:  

Continued research into the role of NUCCA care in the treatment of concussion, migraine and spinal trauma is underway. Utilizing a variety of new technologies, we will be evaluating the integrity of the nervous system and its recovery after the NUCCA care protocol. 

We hope you enjoy this video and please contact us if you have any questions.
Dr. D. Gordon Hasick 
Clinic Director

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