March 2013
Message From Dr. Hasick  

In the past months we have seen a "more than average" number of patients who have fallen and hurt themselves. Some have had minor falls and others major head injuries from slipping on the ice. As we look forward to "the real spring", I extend an extra caution to be mindful of the ice. 


If you have had a fall recently, please call to get in and be checked to make sure that the alignment of your neck, head and spine are kept in a healthy balance. It is so important not to wait for symptoms to show up. 


Early Detection + Early Correction = Better Quality of Life!


For those of you who might have fallen recently, when you do call, let us know that in fact you did fall. This is so we can get you properly scheduled and evaluated. 
Let's all hope spring arrives soon!  In the meantime, keep well and enjoy what is left of the fun winter activities.
Dr. D. Gordon Hasick 
Clinic Director

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Exploring Frontiers in Neurovascular Health

Dr. Gordon Hasick and Dr. Charles Woodfield were invited to speak at the "Exploring Frontiers in Neurovascular Health" Conference in Okotoks, AB. 

They presented on how the NUCCA correction helps in the resolution of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI).  CCSVI is a term developed by Italian researcher Paolo Zamboni in 2008 to describe compromised blood flow from the veins draining the central nervous system.  He hypothesized CCSVI plays a role in the cause or evolution of multiple sclerosis (MS).  Current research reveals CCSVI is present in other conditions such as migraine headache, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.  This meeting brought together international experts from many different disciplines with a hope to better understand this health care phenomenon. 

Watch Dr. Hasick's presentation on "The Influence Of The Upper Cervical Spine On Intracranial Pressure Changes & Vascular Flow" below:  
Dr. Hasick @CCSVI Conference 
Dr. Hasick @CCSVI Conference

You can also click here to go to our YouTube channel:

Research Update

The Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PCMRI) Migraine study has proceeded extraordinarily well, with analysis of results now beginning. This multidisciplinary project created ongoing partnerships between The Britannia Clinic and NUCCA care, University of Calgary Neurology and Elliot-Fong-Wallace (EFW) Radiology for Neuroimaging.


The chronic migraine diagnosed study participants were examined using state-of-the-art, dynamic MRI technology in determining how the brain's vascular system and brain function (neurophysiology) respond to an optimal NUCCA correction. The majority of the subjects reported significant improvement in their migraine symptoms, totally eliminating headache pain in many.  Once the final data is examined, manuscript preparation begins with planned publication in a premier medical journal that reports on the latest research about headaches.


To those of you that kindly supported our research fundraising campaign

thank you!  Your support has helped us get this far.


To read more, please see our full research update on our website:






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