Spring 2014 Newsletter: Learn how Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service & CRM

software can benefit your organization by increasing productivity,  

customer satisfaction, market share and profits. 



State of the art business software such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM can provide you with great competitive advantage and help your organization reduce duplication and costs, and increase profits.


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Some of the most beneficial business software features are:    


  • Sales order entry that provides customer and item information at your fingertips. 
  • Different views of item availability and quantities on sales and purchase orders.
  • Item substitutions, reservations and multiple units of measure. 
  • Drop shipments, blanket orders and tight back-order control.
  • Flexible commission system.
  • Document approval process.  
  • Integration with other software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.   
  • Advanced Accounts Receivable with a collection system. 
  • Accounts Payable with flexible payment selection.  
  • General Ledger with budgets, cash flow forecasting and cost accounting.
  • Multiple companies and locations.  
  • Warehouse management, bar coding and EDI.  
  • Ability to attach documents, images and unlimited notes to master files and transactions. 
  • Customizable dashboards, screens and reports. 
  • Electronic document management.
  • Foreign currency processing and multiple languages. 
  • Advanced pricing and costing, including landed cost calculations. 
  • Function-rich CRM system, including sales, marketing and customer service.  
  • Inventory planning including forecasting, and manufacturing MPS and MRP.
  • Human Resources and Fixed Assets.   

For an on-site or remote demo please call our Sales Department at
800-440-4082, Ext. 6006, or submit  a request for a demo on our web site

Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has been released this week.  It includes all
application and platform hotfixes that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. 
Also, Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has also been released. 
Please contact us for a list of all new and improved functionality and fixes.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint your employees can set up web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.  SharePoint is available as an 'On Premise' system that can be installed on your server, and also as an 'Online' system as part of the Office365 Cloud option.  For more information please click here.

Many applications that are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics have been built using SharePoint, such as the following systems that are being offered by ABCSI:
SharePoint includes many different modules that can be customized to your specific requirements such as: document management, approval process, task management, web site creation and maintenance, business intelligence, and much more.  
Business Software Definitions and Tips

Document Management Systems: Software applications that help businesses to reduce the mountains of paper they use.  It delivers greater business efficiency, increased productivity, improved customer service and lower carbon footprints.  Click here for more details about the Zetadocs Document Management system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
: More and more companies are implementing state-of-the-art cloud based CRM systems that allow them to bolster customer loyalty, reduce duplication and costs, and increase management control and profits.  Some of the most important features to look for are: management of leads, contacts, opportunities, territories, quotas and  pipelines.  Other important features are customer service case management, contracts, and marketing campaign planning.  Please visit our web site to learn more about the Dynamics CRM system and to view some demos.

Accounts Receivable: Important functions to consider when selecting a new system are invoice and credit memo entry, easy to use deposit entry and cash application, flexible postings to the General Ledger, credit and collection system, ability to attach documents to master files and transactions, full integration with other modules such as sales order entry, flexible payment terms, finance charges, customer specific pricing and discounts, inquiries with the ability to drill down, and good searches and filters.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Application software that handles the transmission of data between organizations by electronic means.  It is used to transfer electronic documents or business data from a computer system of one company (called a trading partner) to another.  Adhering to standards called transaction sets, EDI replaces paper documents such as purchase orders, invoices and warehouse shipping advices.  Click here to learn more about one EDI solution that is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Business Intelligence: Incorporating Business Intelligence into your ERP system will help you improve decision-making by providing your team with tools such as online analytical processing, graphical displays, data mining and business performance management.  Forrester Research defines it the following way: "Business Intelligence is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective, strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making."  For more information please see the Business Intelligence and Business Analytics brochures on our web site.

Dynamics NAV (Navision) Tips

Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics: To enable online credit card payments and to use payment services, you must sign up with Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and sign up with a payment provider that offers online payments. Receiving and processing online credit card payments for online and retail business provides flexibility and faster payments. The online credit card payment feature automates authorizing credit card amounts at the time of the order and processing the actual charge when the order is shipped and invoiced.

Please click here to download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Keyboard Shortcuts document.

Please click here to download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Security Hardening Guide White Paper.

Synchronizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Outlook: You can synchronize Microsoft Outlook entities, such as appointments, and contacts, with comparable Microsoft Dynamics NAV items to keep both applications up-to-date. This enables employees like salespeople, who do not have continuous access to their company's Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, to share contact, to-do, and meeting information from off-site locations. With this functionality, you can easily update either Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects with Outlook entities or Outlook entities with Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects. Synchronization can be set up to take place automatically, or you can manually synchronize from within Outlook.

The Intercompany functionality allows you to easily and efficiently process sales and purchasing documents, as well as GL General journals, among all your companies.  It can help you to increase productivity, reduce data entry errors, and provide complete audit trail for each and every transaction.  Outgoing transactions are moved to your outbox, and upon approval they will appear in the inbox of the company receiving the transaction.

From the Sales History inquiry in a sales order, you can use the 'Copy Document' button to copy the sales lines into the current sales order.  This functionality works with Sales Quotes, Blanket Sales Orders, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices and Credit Memos.

Function keys that can increase your productivity: F9 to apply entries such as in cash application, Shift+F6 = drill down, Shift+F1 = What is this field?, Shift+F8 = Sort, and Alt+F1 = show and hide the menu window.

Drop Shipment orders can be created at the item line level by checking off the Drop Shipment column.  The next step is to 'Get Sales Orders' in the Purchasing Requisition 'Drop Shipment' option.  That will allow for the creation of the purchase order that is now linked to the drop-ship sales order.

To link files such as Images, PDFs and Spreadsheets to master files such as customers and vendors or to transactions such as orders or invoices, first click on List (or F5), and then right click and choose 'Links'.

Microsoft Excel Tips: To transpose cells (such as from vertical to horizontal), copy the range of cells, select another cell, press Shift+F10, and then select the Transpose checkbox.  Click OK and the cells have been transposed.

Important Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl+Arrow: Move to the edge of a region, Ctrl+Page: Move to the next sheet, Shift+F11: Insert a new worksheet, Ctrl+Spacebar: Select columns, Shift+Spacebar: Select rows. 

Click here to watch videos that demonstrate how a good ERP system can help your organization increase productivity and efficiency, reduce duplication and costs and increase customer satisfaction and profits.  

For more business software tips please join us for one of our 10 NAV Training Seminars.

Dynamics NAV Add-ons are available here.

Dynamics NAV for Non-Profit Organizations - ABCSI is a Certified Serenic Partner.

Top reasons to purchase Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Partnering with us will help ensure that your business systems meet your requirements, exceed your expectations, and that you achieve great results! 


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Customer Testimonials 

"The implementation team from ABCSI provided us with the experience, dedication, and commitment to customer service necessary to effectively meet and manage our considerable software needs" - Para Laboratories, Inc.
"A. B. Computer Systems' expertise, professionalism and high work ethics have provided DCAP Group with the utmost customer satisfaction" - DCAP Group.     

"We are very pleased with the services provided by A. B. Computer Systems.  They provide us with their strong experience and knowledge, they are very dedicated, are always available to answer our questions, and are committed to meeting our tight deadlines" - Preferred Freezer Services.

"I wanted to take the time to commend the staff of A. B. Computer Systems, Inc. on their successful implementation of the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV software for my company. The transition went very smoothly and successfully" - Triboro Hardware & Supply, Inc.

"Our company is extremely satisfied with our relationship with A. B. Computer Systems" - Iron Horse Bicycle Company.
"I would like to thank you for the excellent business software implementation services that your company provided to us" - Skip Hop, Inc.

"The team of consultants were timely and highly knowledgeable, always eager to help and go the extra mile in pointing the IBM team in the right direction.  We highly recommend A. B. Computer Systems for any related engagements" - IBM.     

"We have been using A. B. Computer Systems to provide technical and customer support for over 10 years. Even though we are using an older version of the accounting software, A. B. Computer Systems has continued to provide us with outstanding technical as well as customer support" - Hanover Warehouses.

"A. B. Computer Systems brought our accounting department into the 21st century, while keeping our project on time and under budget.  Your staff was professional, courteous, timely and always available to answer questions" - Schonfeld Group.

"We wouldn't have been able to meet the implementation schedule without the dedication of the project manager, the implementation team, and your support" - Benecard, Inc.


About A. B. Computer Systems, Inc.


A. B. Computer Systems is a leading provider of turn-key business management software solutions and related services.  With very experienced and knowledgeable certified consultants and software developers, and with a proven implementation methodology, the company helps its customers to increase productivity, efficiency, market share, customer satisfaction, sales and profits.  Established in 1989, the New York and New Jersey based company specializes in the implementation of Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service, CRM and Internet Commerce Software for small and mid-sized companies in the United States, and is committed to Quality, Service and Customer Satisfaction.

For more information: Sales Department at 800-440-4082, or info@abcsi.com.


The One Business Software Webinar You Do Not Want To Miss!


   At Your Company:
  • Would you like to increase productivity and efficiency? 
  • Will it be beneficial to have one fully integrated system?
  • Are your service levels too low?
  • Are customers complaining?
  • Would you like to improve your audit trail capabilities?
  • Are your forecasting and budgeting capabilities antiquated?
  • Would you like to have better inquiries and reports?  
We Can Help!  

A. B. Computer Systems invites you to join us for a Web Seminar on Tuesday,  

May 27, 2014 to learn how the latest releases of Microsoft Dynamics  

NAV, GP and CRM, Acumatica, and Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise  

can help your company to reduce  

costs and increase profits.


All you need is a computer with speakers and
an Internet connection. A cup of
coffee or tea is optional!

Also, please save the dates for joint A. B. Computer Systems / Microsoft Business
Software Seminars: 'ERP and CRM Software in 2014 and beyond'.  The
seminars will be held at the Microsoft offices in Manhattan on
6/10/14, and at the Microsoft offices in Iselin
(Metropark), NJ on 6/24/14.     


Receive Six Free White Papers, a $500 Discount Certificate, and Win one of two copies of Microsoft Office Professional. 


All attendees will receive the following Six Free White Papers to help them increase productivity and efficiency:
  • Demand Planner
  • Mobile Integration
  • Intercompany Postings
  • Relationship Management   
  • Dynamics NAV .NET Opportunities
  • Supply Chain Management
Every attending company will receive a $500 Discount Certificate for ABCSI Implementation Services. 

       Microsoft Office


Also, you can win one of two copies of Microsoft Office Professional. 


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At the 5/27/14 Webinar, representatives from A. B. Computer Systems will discuss the following topics, utilizing the sophisticated, easy-to-use and function-rich Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM, and Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise ERP Business Software:  
  • Features of business software that can bring your company the most benefits.
  • Sales and Purchase Order Entry.
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable. 
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management.
  • Inter-company Postings and Consolidation.
  • Manufacturing and Capacity Planning. 
  • Service and Project Management.
  • Customer Relationship Management. 
  • Document Approval and Workflow.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Advanced Technologies: Document Management, EDI, Bar-Coding.
  • Mobile Smart-phones Integration.
  • Automatic Business Notifications.
  • Office XML and Basic XBRL.
  • Automating Tasks using a Job Queue.
Learn about the benefits of using state-of-the-art business systems such as:
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency.  
  • Improved Customer Service.
  • Reduced Duplication.
  • Increased Management Control.
  • Reduced Costs.
  • Improved Accuracy and Quality.  
  • Increased Market Share and Profits.  
Date: Tuesday, 5/27/14  
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.             
Webinar Link: Will be e-mailed to all attendees on 5/23/14.

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 25 Years Of Excellence