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What's New at the Zoo         

Get ready to welcome Joni to the Zoo! 

Last week, the Zoo announced that a fifth elephant would be joining the herd. Joni, an elderly 44-year-old African elephant, will move from Greenville Zoo in Greenville, South Carolina to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Joni is making the journey to Colorado Springs because her companion at Greenville Zoo, Ladybird, passed away in early March, leaving her alone in her exhibit. Transferring her to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will provide her with several social opportunities, additional living spaces and exceptional veterinary care for her age-related conditions.

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Animal Encounter        

See. Explore. Learn. Do...in the New Loft!  

Bring your curiosities and get hands-on with Zoo animals in the newly renovated Loft, opening in early June. Help feed Oz, a tiger salamander, weigh Tonya, the red-footed tortoise, or help train Poe, a raven.

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Zoo Staff Heads Back to the Rainforest of Panama 

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo President Bob Chastain and Dr. Della Garelle, Director of Conservation, recently returned from a field survey trip in Panama, where they hiked to a remote cloud forest to search for Panamanian golden frogs. The golden frog is a national icon for Panama, and though 

it is safe in captivity, it is feared to be extinct in the wild. 


The Golden Years     

Tiger Lily  

It's hard to believe Tiger Lily, the popular skunk who lives in The Loft, is eight years old. In the wild, Lily would have a life expectancy of two to three years, but in captivity she could live between eight and ten years. 

Although Lily is not as active as she once was, she still happily greets guests in The Loft, travels off grounds with the Zoo Outreach team (although much less frequently) and chases crickets - one of her favorite activities. 

Employee Profile       

Thea Etchells 

Title: Lead Animal Keeper Australia, Scutes and My Big Backyard 


What do you enjoy most about working at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo? I love working with the wide variety of animals. Observing the honeybees' hive and caring for animals in My Big Backyard are so rewarding. And I love the beautiful snakes and lizards of Scutes Family Gallery and the animals from the "land down under" (emu, wallabies and budgies). I feel lucky to work with all of them. I also enjoy the people I work with. We're like a family here, and we are always there for each other. 


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Explore and Learn        

Backyard Bingo!  

Summer is just around the corner. Temperatures will rise and so will the energy of newly released school children. Don't worry though, there are lots of things to do with your little animals to keep them entertained all summer long. 

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