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What's New at the Zoo        

See our Lynx Kittens in their Exhibit

Our Zoo's three curious, climbing and oh-so-cute lynx kittens have been spotted exploring their public exhibit. Born on May 8, 2013, the two males and one female have been in an off-exhibit outdoor habitat until they were big enough to maneuver the larger public space. The Zoo invites guests to view the growing kittens and their parents - mother, Magina (mah-jee'-nah), and father, Kajika (kah-jee'-kah) in Rocky Mountain Wild. 


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Animal Encounter   

Snack Time with the Elephants

Who doesn't love a snack? Our elephants sure do! And now we are passing along the opportunity to give them a "treat" to you! Every day from 10:30 - 11 a.m. and 2:30 - 3 p.m., guests have the opportunity to purchase either a $5 snack or a $10 snack for one of our girls. 



Releasing Wyoming Toads into the Wild 

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of only nine zoological and government facilities that breed the Wyoming toad, a species classified as extinct in the wild. This year we are the only breeding facility that will be holding back tadpoles for future wild release and letting them develop safely for one year in a captive setting - a program and study being called "Head Start."


Annual Report  

May 2012 - April 2013

As an independent non-profit 501C(3), Cheyenne Mountain Zoo publishes an annual report featuring a financial summary of support, revenue and expenses, highlights of the year, attendance, recognition of donors and our Board of Directors. 


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People Profile      

Rebecca Zwicker

Title: Rocky Mountain Wild Lead Animal Keeper 

Hire Date: December 2003

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Favorite Animal at the Zoo: My favorite animal depends on the day - they all have such endearing qualities. I'm really drawn to bears, especially Emmett and Digger, our grizzly bears, and of course I like our moose, Tahoma.


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Kids Corner         

Wild Wardrobes

Animals can be covered in many different things - scales, fur or feathers.  They can also be many different colors. Having your kids study an animal's wild wardrobes can be both fun and educational. 


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