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 Meet Kira



 Terrific Turkeys

Keeper Cam
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Nov. 27

Homeschool Program
"Mountain Cats"


Dec. 1

Adult/Teacher Class

"Discover Africa"


Dec. 1

Daisy Girl Scout Workshop 

"... Tell it - Three Cheers for Animals"


Dec 6 or 7

F.A.W.N-Stroller Safari 

"Antlered Animals"


Dec. 7

Moonlight Safari

"Happy Holidays! Family Fun"


Dec. 7 - 9 & 


Dec. 14- Jan. 1, 2013

Electric Safari


Dec. 14

Family WildNight

"Winter Wonderland"


Dec. 18

Homeschool Program

"Elephants are Incredible"


Dec. 20 or 21

F.A.W.N.-Stroller Safari

"Walk With a Waddle"


Dec. 26-28 & Jan. 2-4

Winter Break Camps


Dec. 29

Sr. & Cadette Girl Scout Workshop

"Animal Helpers"


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What's New at the Zoo    

Electric Safari

Electric SafariOver one million sparkling lights, and you don't have to hang a single one! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Electric Safari runs Friday, December 7 - Sunday, December 9 and Friday, December 14 - Tuesday, January 1 (Electric Safari closed Christmas Eve) from 5:30 - 8:30pm nightly. 

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Animal Encounter  

Meet Kira


Have you stopped by The Loft lately? The Loft is fun for everyone, including adults. Interact with charismatic animals, witness natural animal behaviors in an up-close and personal setting, and meet an animal you might not even know existed - like Kira! 


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 Protecting the Planet

Replace & Recycle Old Lights

Have you noticed that fewer and fewer stores are carrying traditional strands of holiday lights, and instead carrying LED strands? Even replacement bulbs for traditional strands are becoming harder to find, but why? 


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Kids Corner 

Terrific Turkeys

Terrific Turkey

Can you identify an animal at the Zoo that has a snood and a wattle? What about a gobble gobble? That's right, it's turkey time!  


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Keeper Cam

Fun with Pumpkins this Fall!

Red river hog