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Dec 2013  
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Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills

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Quote of the Month 

"Imagination, the source of creativity, is also a bridge to clairvoyant sight. So just imagine, then listen to the subtle signs and whispered messages.


~ Author unknown.

What is Coaching?

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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Dynamite Coaching:  

"Remembering when we started a year ago I have realized how much I have changed for the better. I have been able to approach my business and clients more effectively. I have been able to communicate better with my kids and my husband. I have also scheduled time for myself weekly to keep myself happy. I appreciate all our conversations as it is on those occasions I have looked back at what I have accomplished. I want to thank you for all your assistance in getting me here and look forward to our next conversations."


Thanks, Stephanie. 

10 Interesting

1.Leave 20% of the day unplanned.


2.Have a quiet hour every day.


3.Exploit Pareto's 80/20 principle.


4.Identify the critical facts.


5.Review lifetime goals every day.


6.Always be accountable.


7.Remember, luck is preparation meeting opportunity.


8.Recognize that almost all negative behavior is a reaction to fear.


9.Loyalty is a function of feeling appreciated.


10.For God's sake, smile a little.

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What's Behind the Music - 0r Better Yet - What's Between the Music?  

I'm 48 years old now, but when I was younger, much younger, I think like a lot of kids I dreamed of playing a musical instrument so I could join a rock and roll band and live the good life! Maybe strum the guitar or bang it out on the drums. Yeah baby!

Unfortunately, learning how to play an instrument never really presented itself except for perhaps the accordion which my dad played at home. And back in the day I didn't see too many rock stars cranking it out on the old Accordion, so you could see why I might not have been too excited about the old squeeze box.

Could you imagine seeing the kid walking home from school carrying his accordion? The guy with the tuba would have gotten off easy.

Well many years have passed since then and I'm married now, something that might not have happened had I been toting the accordion home from band practice every day. (No offence to anyone married to an accordion player).

But as I reflect back over the years, I realize I was probably never meant to be a musician. At least not in the truest definition of what we think of when we say musician. My talents were to be discovered elsewhere.

In fact, I believe I was meant to hear a different kind of music; the Music of Conversation. And that is why I became a Professional Coach.

In Grade 12 I remember my English teacher, Mrs. Forsythe, saying that song lyrics were just poetry with a sound track behind the words. I know now that this was probably just her way of attempting to get us interested in iambic pentameter and such, but I thought the idea of what she said was very cool.

And all these years later this got me thinking when I heard a quote on the radio by the great horn player Miles Davis, who said;  

"It's not about the notes themselves, but the space between."

When I heard this I thought, wow, it really isn't just about the notes themselves, and it is more to do about the space between them.

Think about the comedian who uses great timing to deliver his jokes. Notice how he pauses to allow you to fill in the story he's telling. Think of a joke when it's told poorly, and how the joke teller has to explain it to you. A great comedian leaves just enough out so you have to fill in the hilarious content.

Artists also know that space carries weight. It is not simply an absence of content. The "white space", as it's sometimes referred to by graphic designers, IS content.

And then think about how you talk to yourself. Are you leaving out notes? Are you allowing quiet time to just absorb the beauty of your own "music?" Or are you filling your head with constant chatter that leaves you no time to "hear" the magic of whom you are and where you want to go?

As a coach I'm trained to listen deeply to a conversation and in so doing I often find the greatest discoveries occur for my clients when they quiet their minds allowing themselves to hear the silence between their own "notes."

I agree with Miles Davis - it's in the spaces between the sounds where the real depth of a conversation lives, or where we really hear the vibrancy of a musical piece.

Next time you talk with yourself slow down and listen to the spaces between the notes, revel in the music and enjoy the beauty of your own orchestra.
Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills
Question: Who communicates for a living? Answer: Everybody! If You Live on Planet Earth, You Communicate For a Living.

So how important does it become to have good communication skills? Communication can be the Number #1 determinant to your success; more important than knowledge, academics or experience. No one is saying these other areas aren't important, but if you can't get your message out, how much you know becomes irrelevant. Have you ever had someone say "I'm not sure I understand what you mean" or "been in a conversation where somehow it becomes confrontational and emotionally charged and you're not sure what to do?" How good are you at "dealing with conflict?" 

How well you communicate will directly affect your ultimate level of success or failure in any situation. So I invite you to come and participate in a fun and interactive class where you will learn great tips and techniques on how to bolster your "skills" and fill up your "communication tool box."  

Course: "Coach-Like Approach Techniques to Improve Your Communication Skills"
*Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm
*Date: Sunday, December 15th
For more details and to ensure your spot contact Coach Mark now.
Marked Improvement Fitness Studio 7112-101 avenue, Edmonton, AB

*Who should attend: Who should attend: Managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners. Anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding in how to communicate with others professionally, personally or socially. In addition learn the brain science behind what supports you and what holds you back from accomplishing your goals in life. Call now to register.
If you are in the fitness industry you are eligible to receive 4 CEC's from canfitpro upon completion of this course for the following designations; PTS, FIS, NWS, OAS, PFS, MBS and PDS.


* Please note that we reserve the right to change course times, dates and/or locations due to unforeseen circumstances.  


For more details and to find out how to register, contact Coach Mark at [email protected] or 780-469-4800.

"I was taking the Nutrition and Wellness course with Can Fit Pro and a guest speaker Mark Marcynuk spoke to us about a communications course that he teaches with regard to consulting with clients. I always thought I had a good rapport with people and my existing clients but I thought I would like to have as many great tools as I could to overcome objections with clients."

"Not only did I feel like I added to my career "toolbox", but I feel like Mark helped me tap in to how to communicate better with my friends and family. Delivery of the course was excellent and engaging. I believe it is something everyone should experience no matter what field of work they are in; an invaluable asset to my career and daily life."


~ Shanaz Iyer B. Ed. Certified Personal Trainer and NutritionConsultant 


Let's Talk About Dynamite Coaching 


Who do I work with?

I work with exceptional and brilliant people, like you, who at times might find you're having difficulty in achieving your desired goals either in your professional or personal life, or both. Coaching is not about focusing on the problem or what's broken; Instead it's about focusing on creating the solutions and actionable steps that get you more of what you want. 

Together, we explore and develop elegant pathways that lead to choice and change helping you review aims, set directions, and clarify next steps toward your ultimate direction of excellence. The power is within you.


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