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Spring 2016 | Issue #16
White-out snow storms?  Dangerous black ice? Arctic winds? Pretty mild winter compared to last year and no complaints here!  But CBI is always ready for the Spring and we know our Clients are too!  We're gearing up to be busy as ever - up on swing staging, conducting field surveys, sounding balconies, and improving educational facilities before the kids return in the fall.  What's more, we've grown a bit over the colder months.  With a number of new faces added to the team, we've expanded our expertise and we're ready for the big challenges ahead this new season.
Pictured above is St. Ann's Church in Gloucester where we're currently conducting restoration design services for the bell tower.
From the CBI Blog
We always joke in the office about finding "magic goo" on the outside of a building.  Invariably, a well-meaning Owner or maintenance person finds a caulking gun or bucket of some unknown material to smear on to the outside of the building, on a suspected problem area, in an effort to "wish away" the current problem at hand. Read More!

As part of a House Doctor contract with Barnstable Public Schools, CBI was engaged to review the exterior wall conditions at the Barnstable High School cafeteria addition, built in 1974.  The EIFS wall had been taking on water and damaging both interior and exterior finishes.  The exterior insulation at...Learn More!
Did You Know?
UV rays accelerate the lifespan of your typical sealant.  We typically recommend long lasting silicone sealants, especially for window and roof repair / replacement projects.
Employee Spotlight
We're pleased to introduce one of CBI's newest team members, Erik Woodin, a Building Envelope Engineer in CBI's Building Technology Division.  Erik has experience with standardized building envelope assemblies testing and his work creates buildings that are more energy efficient and more comfortable in all seasons.
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